Voyage name: 
10 July - 20 July

Wind S/SE'ly 20-25 kts. Clear sky's

Command Day V 11/06

Youth Crew Captain

Heya all
Wow talk about a full on 25 hours!!!
Tuesday morning brought with it clear skies, sun, some good wind and command day. With all the positions voted on and finalised on monday night we were ready to take command of the ship at 0800 hours. Talk about scary!
Our agenda for the day was influenced by a set of 19 tasks set by Captain Hibbo. Each task was worth a different number of points and our aim was to complete as many as possible during our time in charge.
Our first endeavour was the "Beach Assault Team" (BAT). A group of 8 land loving crew took command of a rubber duck and rowed to shore with the mission to: RECLAIM SOME LAND FOR THE AUSTRALIAN YOUTH. They did so with pride hoisting the Aussie flag and patriotically singing the national anthem, much to the suprise of all the onlookers strolling along the beach at Airlie Beach. The mission was a complete success! We obtained full points and were then ready to set off from anchor and make our way through the 6 waypoints which would dictate our voyage. Ok well almost ready... we had to postpone take off till after lunch in order to keep the chefs happy and to get everyone fed. Another task was completed in this time thanks to Katie who led the design team who created a mural of our voyage to date. It looked awesome and yet again we received full points!
In actual fact we didnt leave anchor till about 1200 hours or maybe even later (i can't quite remember... havent had too much sleep of late =p)
Our take off from anchor was a rocky one getting all the crew and staff in the correct positions however oure tactics to take off worked a charm (thank god). We took our time getting started because the islands and the surrounding land prevented the wind from reaching us. Once we were free of the obstructions we set ALL of our sails and made our way north. Having all the sails set at once was another point scorer which paid off. We were flying along and the weather could not have been better! Well that is not until we turned the corner at waypoint one and started trekking east along the top of Hook Island. Then we discovered the capabilities of the boat and as the sun sunk lower on the horizon we slowly made our way around the course.
The wind was no longer in our favour, however the weather and temp remained nice. Watches took place as per usual and went without too many glitches. Our first tack took place in the middle of the night. Our team were tired from a hard days setting sails and getting to tacking stations took some time. Lets just say that for our first tack in command it wasn't too bad, i am not however ruling out room for improvement. haha. Jono was elected the XO and he kept everyone in order. His voice turned hoarse from yelling commands but it was all for a good cause. The watch leaders took control of their watches and ensured that we could sail as smoothly as possible. Well as smooth as we could sail in over 20 knots of wind with lots of sails up and the swell rolling in.
Our navigators Jordan and Chris did a fantastic job of keeping us pretty well on course. They took turns with Jono as watch officers and held the deck as we sailed into the early hours of the morning tacking our way south.
Frustration was unavoidable for those who we kept waking up for tacking stations and guys and girls if you read this... im sorry!
The wind was consistantly heavy and remained so for breakfast this morning. Unfortunately those of us on the bridge overlooked the effect of our heel on the food preparation taking place downstairs. Apparently the plates were smashing and the chefs were forced to shut down the kitchen! breaky was over.
We did lose the heel when we turned west and headed towards waypoint 6 with the topsail and top gallent whipping us along.
It became a race against the clock to make it to the final waypoint in time. With a slight time extention we were about to complete the course and hand command back over to the real staff of the ship at 0900 hours (close to anyway).
My 25 hours as a captain on board the Young Endeavour were phenomenal. I am utterly exhausted and sleep deprived however when i had the chance to take the wheel i couldnt help from keeping this stupid grim off my face. We succeeded as a team and without everyones input we would not have got anywhere. Thank you so much to all the crew who put up with me for the day and thank you for lettnig me be your captain. This voyage has opened my eyes to a world of possibilities. The challenges which i will face later on in life i know will all be affected by the time i spent on board this boat. Thanks team. Great Effort
Your captain for the day
Megan Aulich