Voyage name: 
14 August - 24 August

Wind: ENE at 12 kts

Swell: Nil

Temp: 16 degrees

Ahoy there,

This is Captain Lewis Bennett after my first day of command. It has been an exciting day aboard the young Endeavour. After a very short morning brief from the staff, with very little ceremony, the keys of the ship were handed over to me and the rest of the youth crew at 0900, along with a very flattering captain’s hat that I believe suits me nicely. After handing over the keys the crew promptly abandoned ship, leaving the unpractised but enthusiastic youth in charge. We were given a set of tasks to achieve within 24 hours ranging from hosting an onboard Olympic Games, sail onwards towards Brisbane and send an assault team onto Mooloolaba beach and claim a small section for the youth of Australia.

We spent the morning attempting to complete as many of the tasks as possible so that by the time the Young Endeavour set sail from Mooloolaba the ships guns had been polished, the galley had produced a beautiful themed meal and the crew had even gotten creative and drawn a mural of our voyage so far on the deck at midships. The Olympics had gone well with the staff team putting up a dismal show in the equestrian event but making up for that in the eating competition, after having Luke as chef for so long must have taught them to eat fast before all the food is gone.

At 1540 we set sail and after a bit of difficult weather, we managed to sail away from anchor and set a course for our first waypoint on our way to Brisbane, at each waypoint we will be given letters that form an acronym for the name of a significant figure in Young Endeavours history. The youth crew have been divided into new watches (which I have designated Swiss watch, Wrist watch and Pocket watch) and will take watches during the night.

The weather started off pretty poorly, with only 5 to 6 knot winds but built up during the afternoon to a steady 12 knots. Overnight we are not expecting much stronger winds so it will be fairly slow sailing as we head towards our finish point.

A massive thumbs up to everyone who has taken over their NEW roles with pride and enthusiasm, from Navigation to the chefs. Their hard work has really paid off today and it makes me proud to be their captain for this short time. I am looking forward to an amazing second half of our command day tomorrow and then taking the ship in into Morton bay.

CAPT Lewis