Voyage name: 
01 December - 11 December
Sailing closed hauled under all fore & aft sails in light south easterly winds

Ahoy shipmates,

The command day is now well underway. The youth crew elected their new command team, watch leaders and cooks last night and this morning there has been a flurry of planning and preparation which thus far has paid off. Staff crew handed over the ship at 1300, shortly after which the youth crew successfully sailed the ship from anchor in light south westerly winds. They now have a number of objectives to complete over the 24 hour period of their command day, a number of which they have already completed. One of these tasks is to complete the Captains Log, so please find enclosed Captain Kates Log for the first 12 hours of command day.

Yours Aye

Captain Gav


The youth crew had a rather pleasurable morning starting with another pre-breakfast swim and everyone who braved the cold waters felt refreshed afterwards. After our usual morning brief and happy hour, we were once again taxied towards land, our destination the coastal town of Rye. We returned aboard for a lunch time swim accompanied by lunch on deck, top tunes and a game of limbo however at 1300 it was time for the games to stop and to take charge. As captain of the first command team, I, Kate, accepted our tasks from Captain Gav and sat down with the crew to discuss our plan of action.
We were given a location at which we would find our navigation instructions and so the newly formed Orange watch, under the supervision of Anita, rowed their way to shore on the hunt for our instructions. Meanwhile, the rest of the crew sat down and started to work through the other 16 tasks we had been assigned. The group commenced on many of the tasks however our major success of the afternoon was the amazing mural we made on deck depicting our voyage so far.
On the return of the Orange watch we received our navigation instructions and it was off to the charts for the Command Team, Teegs the Sail Master, Tommy the Navigator and Roy our watch officer, plus our helpers (big thanks Sarah and Shimila!)
At around 1645 the Command Team felt comfortable with the plan they had come to and started to get the ship ready to weigh anchor. By 1720, I had given the final command and the anchor was up! Now our original plan seemed faultless until this moment and it was then we got into a bit of trouble. As we slowly worked towards our goal we had drifted quite far off course and were headed for shallow water. The staffies quickly jumped in and saved us from ship wreck before we took back over the helm. After spinning a few circles we were finally heading in the right direction!
Our galley girls, Suzie, Steph and Meg, put on a great dinner for all the hungry sailors.
At 2045 the youth crew performed their first tack, brilliantly called by Teegs. With our change of direction and the wind from behind, STS Young Endeavour is making good speed out into Port Phillip Bay!
The adventure will continue through the night with the new watch teams of Purple, Green and Orange working in shifts to ensure the ship is well and a change of command will occur at 0100 when the other command team will take over for the second 12 hours of Command Day.

Yours by Sea,
Captain Kate