Voyage name: 
20 August - 30 August
Currently at anchor in Broken Bay and experiencing very light NE winds.

Ahoy Shipmates,
Overnight the weather improved, and with the assistance of a wind shift to the north west the ship finally commenced making ground towards Broken Bay. These improved conditions kept both the middle and morning watches busy with plenty of sail handling and prior to sunrise the ship was brought under full plain sail for only the second time this voyage. These favourable conditions were short lived and by morning brief the wind had again moderated to less the 5kts. Given these conditions I had no other option than to postpone demonstrational tacks for the second day in a row and proceed with Captains setting and furling drills. Once this activity was complete all sail was handed in and YE proceeded into Broken Bay under main engines, finally coming to anchor just of the township of Patonga at 1315. Once at anchor the rope swing was rigged and most of the YC and some of us "not so smart" Staff braved the cool 15 degree water temperature of Broken Bay. After 30 minutes the pool was closed and following much needed hot showers, the YC were ferried ashore to enjoy the picturesque township of Patonga. Following a leg stretch and "junk food fix" everyone returned onboard to enjoy another enjoyable "teak deck BBQ". This evening I conducted the Command Day Brief which was followed by the Command Team elections. With these formalities complete, the YC have now settled into their anchor watches for the night with all endeavouring to get a good night's sleep in preparation for the much anticipated commencement of tomorrows Command Day.

Until tomorrow, take care.

Yours Aye

Captain Gav