27° 27' South
153° 4'
Alongside at Bulimba in the Brisbane River. Wind: Light airs.
Situation at 20:00-

The Staff Crew for the voyage is made up of Captain John, Executive Officer Paul (Chook),
Navigator Aaron (Bullet), Watch Leader Lauren (Lozza), White Watch Leader Greg (Rags), Red Watch Leader Athol(Wiggy), Blue Watch Leader
Luke, Engineer Simon (Stewy) and Chef Chris (Polly). Joining the Ship for the voyage is Flinders educator Professor Sue Buzer from the
University of Queensland.

Voyage V15/02 is being sponsored by the Flinders 2002 Queensland Committee, as part of the bicentenary commemoration of the first
circumnavigation of Australia. The committee is raising awareness of and commemorating the voyage of Matthew Flinders who is arguably considered the most significant of the early European explorers of the Australian continent. The entire Youth Crew for this voyage are Queenslanders and they were joined onboard today by the State Govenor His Excellency Major General Peter Arnison. The regular YOUNG ENDEAVOUR voyage program will be followed, but where time and the
weather permit, some Flinders bicentennial activities will also be scheduled.

The Youth Crew joined today at 14:00 and were accompanied by a multitude of family and friends. His Excellency arrived onboard at 14:30 and addressed the Youth Crew and wished them well and Bon Voyage. The Ship sailed at 16:00 and during the short transit to Bulimba the Icebreaker exercises were started. After securing
alongside Bulimba, Captain John and XO Paul delivered their welcome aboard briefings which were followed by a great supper courtesy of
Chef Polly. The first climb up and over the lower Futtock shrouds has just completed by the entire Youth Crew.

The night watches are assigned and the White Watch are receiving instruction in knots, bends and hitches from Watch Leader Rags and Navigator Bullet. Shortly, they will lay aloft once again, this time to the T'Gallant yard arm. The Youth Crew are settling into the routine onboard quickly becomming accustomed to life onboard.
Tomorrow will be a very busy day and they will need all the sleep they can get tonight.

YOUNG ENDEAVOUR fact file: The Ship is rigged as a Brigantine with square sails set from the fore mast and fore-and-aft sails set from the main mast. The three square sails are named, from top to bottom,the Top Gallant (pronounced T'Gallant), the Topsail and the Course.

Thought of the day: The pursuit of excellence is gratifying and healthy. The pursuit of perfection is frustrating and neurotic. It's also a terrible waste of time.

Yours, Aye

John Cowan