24° 47' South
152° 27'
At anchor off of Bundaberg
Situation at 2000:

Today has proven to be very rewarding for the entire Ship's Company, both the Youth Crew and Staff Crew. We weighed anchor and sailed into Bundaberg harbour where we were met by 52 people who would be our guests for the day. Included amongst the guests were students from the Special Education Units of several Bundaberg area schools, Australian Navy Cadets from T.S. BUNDABERG and several representatives from the Across the Waves Sports Club who have sponsored one of the Youth Crew members. After welcoming our guests onboard the Ship set sail for a three hour cruise (apologies to Gilligan). Before too long the Youth Crew were proudly showing off
>their ship and explaining the nuts and bolts of what it takes to sail a Brigantine. On a one for one basis the Youth Crew escorted the more nimble guests aloft to the Lower Top. The weather cooperated and provided a stable deck and light winds so that our guests could make the most of their short time onboard. In the afternoon we returned to Bundaberg and said farewell to our new found friends before finding ourselves at anchor for a relaxing swim. All in all it has been a great day.

Thought for the day: Thunder is good. Thunder is impressive, but it is lightning that does the work. Mark Twain

Yours, Aye

John Cowan

Heeeelllllooooooo Everybody. From Kelly, from Wangaratta, Victoria.
Sadly this is the last night. I think they'll have to drag us all off board, tomorrow. This has been the most amazing adventure. I have
loved every moment, even the 2 and a half days of sea sickness. Even in this toughest time we all banded together, helped and cared for one another and worked through it. It brought us all closer than we could have imagined and on the 4th day the staff were actually teasing us about our noise level after days of almost silence. For me
personally, there hasn't been a low point, it's all been a great big high. But tomorrow when we all have to depart there will probably be
some tears. The staff on board this voyage are the most amazing group of people it has been my priviledge to meet. John, is the best Captain you could ask for, understanding and patient as we learned how to sail this gorgeous ship. Nath, keeps us all entertained and active. Lukey our salty sea dog is full of knowledge and a good yarn. Chooka, has the biggest smile and the warmest laugh. Stewie always has a smile and a wink to cheer us up. Kazza cooks the best food I
have tasted, (after my mum's naturally). Chantal, we keep laughing with our Red Watch antics, and she keeps us laughing with her own.Bullet, is just as funny and very entertaining. And Polly is totally insane. His energy and jokes keep us all on a high. And Dutchy is our resident tough guy hero. The youth crew are just as diverse and as
amazing. We have experienced so much together, we are like a family now, after only 10 days. On command day our teamwork helped us easily reach our voyage target, even through the hickups. And the awesome leadership of Tyso our captain. I have so many stories for when I get home. I will never forget these people or this time, as I am sure, neither will they. From the beauty of the sea, to the gifts we saw in each other. My highlight was today, when we took the public for a
half day voyage.I took 2 Naval Cadets, Chantel and Mark Walker (sister and brother) aloft for a climb on the Course. They loved it and it gave me the biggest buzz to see the smiles on their faces.
Later I met almost the entire Walker Crew (there's 10) (Hi guys if you are reading this. I'll finish by saying if you are considering a
Young Endeavour voyage to go for it. Don't let this pass you by. I can't stress this enough, just go for it. It's so positive and it truely is a life changing experience. A quick hello to everyone back home, I miss you all and wish you could have come with me. See you all soon. IT'S ALL ABOUT THE LOVE... GO RED WATCH... love always Kel.