21° 8' South
150° 9' East
Currently located 4nm west of Alarm Reef sailing under full plain sail and experiencing 12-15kt SW winds with a .5m swell
Hi Everyone,
Welcome to Day 5 of our voyage. After a good nights sleep the Youth Crew were awake and on deck bright and early to witness a spectacular Percy Island sunrise and participate in an early morning activity. Following the normal mornings activities I mustered the YC and briefed them on the intricacies, planning and teamwork required to sail Young Endeavour away from anchor. Following this brief we put this theory into practice and on weighing anchor achieved a perfect departure utilising only wind, sail and a lot of teamwork. Once clear of the anchorage the Youth Crew worked well together to quickly bring the ship under full plain sail and with the assistance of a 15-18kt south westerly we shaped a new course to the north east. Throughout the day we continued with the training program achieving a good set of ���rotational tacks��. This activity allows the Youth Crew to man each other's tacking stations so that they get to experience what the other watch does. To finish of the days activities I spent time with each of the watches imparting some of my sailing knowledge so that they would have a better understanding of the sailing characteristics of the ship prior to taking the ship on Command Day. Overnight the Youth Crew will undertake the BEAREX (initiative, teamwork and communication exercise) as the ship continues to make good progress to the north and its next anchorage which is currently planned to be Whitehaven Beach.

Until Tomorrow, take care.

Yours Aye

Captain Gav