Voyage name: 
23 May - 02 June
Currently located 25nm SE of Yamba and experiencing very light NW winds with a .5m swell.

Hi Everyone,
This morning the Crew of YOUNG ENDEAVOUR awoke at 0630 to a brilliant Trial Bay morning. Following our normal morning activities I had planned to demonstrate to the YC how to sail the ship from anchor but much to my frustration the wind gods had planned differently. By the time we were ready to weigh anchor there was not a ripple on the water, let alone enough wind to fill a sail and move a 44m brigantine. At 0945 the anchor was weighed and YE departed Trial Bay under main engines and due to lack of wind continued her journey north under engines. Once clear of the bay the Boats Officer mustered the YC and gave a very informative and entertaining presentation on Rules of the Road in preparation for fast approaching Command Day. This afternoon the temperature climbed to the mid 20's so I stopped the ship and gave the YC the opportunity to dive over the side and have a swim in 90 meters of crystal clear water, 13nm from land, which they all thoroughly enjoyed. Once everyone was safely back onboard we again got underway and continued north. This evening the Watch Leaders took their Watches aloft so that they could experience a memorable sunset from the foremast of YE.

During the night watches tonight the YC will complete the "Bear Exercise" (initiative exercise) and "Apples & Onions" (communication exercise) as the ship continue to make ground towards the QLD border and our next anchorage which is planned to be at the northern point of Stradbroke Island.

Until tomorrow, take care.

Yours Aye

Captain Gav