Voyage name: 
23 November - 23 December 2015
39 degrees 29 minutes South
97 degrees 56 minutes East

Currently located 970nm WSW of Fremantle motor sailing in light WSW winds with a 3-4m SW swell. Our current speed is 7.5kts and the temperature is 12 degrees.

Welcome to day 24 of our voyage

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to day 24 of our voyage. Overnight our great run of strong winds finally ended and sadly this afternoon we had to start the main engines so that we could continue to make our scheduled arrival in Fremantle. Over the past five days we have been able to sail nearly 900nm which is a pretty good effort considering all of the different weather patterns that we have experienced.

Given our improved conditions we have been back running activities with the World Voyagers looking after most things as we have handed over most of the responsibility of conducting and organising the daily routines to them. They also have their own Sail Master and Watch Officers who look after the navigation and the sailing of the ship under the watchful eye of the Staffies.

Currently we are located 970nm WSW of Fremantle experiencing light WSW winds with a 3-4m swell. We expect these conditions to remain with us overnight with the wind due to freshen again from the south early on Friday morning.

Kindly volunteering to write tonight’s Captains Log and a Poem about Evan our Navigator and BBQ’s is Bec and Tim, please enjoy!

Until tomorrow, take care

Yours Aye

Captain Gav


Our Captains Log for today begins with the reteerns lling of a compelling story.

A story about barbeques and many things galore,

A bewildered Evan stopped right at the door,

His sights set on a barbeque and nothing more,

With a range of options though he found he couldn’t be sure,

The one he had spied however would not be leaving the floor,

They told tales of other brands that would even the score,

And a range of deals and accessories that meant he would probably leave poor,

But still the one he wanted would not leave that store,

For the salesman continued on and on and it started to become a bit of a bore,

I want that barbeque! As this has become quite a chore.

Surely that’s a violation of Australian Consumer Law!

Last night for Tahiti watch was an evening filled with music with the guitar making a cameo appearance up on the bridge. It was not all fun and games however as we also furled the storm jib, storm tri-sail, jib and the topgallant staysail as the strong winds we had been experiencing began to wane. While we were hard at work our resident navigator Evan was enjoying himself on the bridge preparing to serenade us with a beautiful tune – self composed. What about you may ask? Barbeques. A topic of conversation that has unfortunately dominated our last few watches. With the help of other renditions of popular songs the night quickly disappeared.

In the morning the PA system featured the soothing tones of Jimie and Nic our co-sail masters for the day. Tahiti watch took to the bridge for the forenoon watch. Alice, Bec and Brig went for a morning climb to warm up, while Tim gunned it on the helm as we left the Roaring Forties this morning. People began to emerge for morning brief only to be greeted by some cheeky sail handling as our captain wanted to set the mainsail and see how it fared. At morning brief the sail masters gave us a run down of the day packed full of fun activities that were in store. We were then given another presentation from the staffies on the origins of some more nautical terms before we were on our way to cleaning for the day. The titanic pair, Rose and Jack “brushed up” on their polishing skills making our ship’s bell shine for our journey home. While exchanging tales on the bridge, Hamish got to shining every polish worthy item in the chartroom resulting in some very shiny dividers for our navigators.

Lunch was just around the corner with some delicious meals prepared by our chefs of the day, Claudia, Tammy and Brigida and then we stepped into afternoon routine with some Boga meets Sail Handling as Dougie mended some lines around the ship. Rope Races tied down the afternoon as we completed another round in our summer-themed watches with a very interesting bonus round. Our challenge was to create a “working, singing fountain using only a bucket of water, some line and a peg. The MacGyvers in our groups got thinking into some interesting contraptions and we had a re-enactment of Incy-Wincy Spider by Whitsunday watch and a mechanically sound water contraption from Hawaii Watch. Not to be outdone, and also to take home the win for the bonus round, Tahiti put our heads together and came up with a performance of “It’s Raining Men” with our fountain of water being poured on Jack’s head as our piece de resistance to take it home.

After rope races the groups split into some more sail handling to furl our remaining sails as the wind had all but disappeared for the day. We completed this with ease and some of our remaining Voyagers split to participate in some Christmas Carols themed Choir for the afternoon. Dinner was delectable as always with some Nachos and a Mexican themed evening with some pavlova (Tim’s favourite) before we proceeded into a quiz presented by our sailmasters. With some debate over the legitimacy of the questions and some possible(obvious) collusion by the Sailmasters and their Hawaii Watch, the quiz was a success and another day aboard the Young Endeavour was done.


Congratulations to our Brilliant Hamish and Rhiana on their ATAR results. You put the beautiful mind to shame!

Hello parents. Thank you for my ATAR results, they seem pretty good. Hamish

Hi Scott, how was America? Just letting you know that I’m alive and having a great time! We get back to Aus next week so ill call when I can. Say hi to the guys at work and your family for me, wishing them a very merry Christmas. Miss you xx See you when I’m home - Brigida

G’Day Davey, been bashing about for a few days out here. Looking forward to a beer when I’m home! Cheers, Dezmond. P.s. Thanks to you and Pa for the ginger tinge! - Dylan

Happy Birthday Steph!.Enjoy T-Swizzle. Hi Eliza. From Rebecca

Shoutout to Anna, Ben, Bec, Teya, Dan S, and Ramon. See you all again soon! Nic

Ma & Mark on Merkava; am sure you’re enjoying the best Simons Town and the peninsula. If you've caught up with Tayo and Gemma ask them for hugs from me, and give some in return please. Hope you enjoy Cape Town as much as I did. Love James

Kelly Belly (Kelly D’Soyers)! Guess who. Bec and Jimi talkin’ bout you. Why you ain’t here?????

Hi Anthony, Mum, Dad and Bina! Looking forward to seeing you in a week in Freo! I can’t believe how fast the time has gone. Glad it’s getting a bit warmer now. Love Bec xx P.s. hope you are feeling better mum!

Hey everyone, a final shoutout from me before we get into Freo early next week. Its been a voyage full of some interesting ups and downs and I’ll fill you all in on the stories once I get into port, get some reception and can try and pay my phone bill! Talk soon! Tim