40° 59' South
147° 24' East
Currently at anchor in Andersons Bay and enjoying very light NW winds
Ahoy Shipmates,
Throughout the night the north easterly remained steady and YE continued to enjoy a good run down the west coast of Flinders Island. By sunrise we were only 20nm from Andersons Bay and had to shorten in sail to reduce speed so as not to reach our anchorage before morning brief. At 0845 all watches were mustered on deck in preparation for sailing to anchor and at exactly 0900 all sail was handed in, the anchor ���let go�� and YE achieved a perfect anchorage. Following the normal morning activities of morning brief and cleaning stations the YC were ferried ashore to the friendly seaside township of Bridport were they enjoyed the opportunity to re-equate themselves with some of the luxuries of civilisation. While ashore the Watch Leaders took the opportunity to spend some quite time with their watches and complete mid voyage talks. By late afternoon everyone was back onboard and following numerous requests I decided to open the pool for a very cool late afternoon swim. This evening we enjoyed a great ���teak deck BBQ�� (cooked by Lisa and myself) which was followed the classic tall ship movie ���Around Cape Horn�� (complete with hot popcorn). The time is now 2030 and our training program is finished for the day. The YC are now taking the opportunity to catch up on some much needed sleep in preparation for the busy days ahead.

Please find entries below from Youth Crew members Mitch and Camilla

Until tomorrow, take care.

Yours Aye

Captain Gav

Captains Log Voyage 16-08 Thursday 30 Oct 08

Afternoon to all,
The Young Endeavour Youth Crew were hard at work during last night and early this morning sailing south towards Tasmania where we have anchored at Andersons Bay just off Bridport. Whilst the winds were at reasonable pace at around 20-30 knots, it enabled the ship to cruise at a pleasant pace and allowed for the youth crew to participate in various games within the watches with the purpose for further bonding between individuals to take place and was also very successful. After the usual routine of waking up, breakfast, morning briefing and ���happy hour��, everyone went on shore to visit the small town of Bridport and have mid voyage talks with their watches and watch leader but also have lunch on land and enjoy some time away from the ship. Following this exercise which went for around 2 and half hours, we boarded back on the Young Endeavour to have some free time and compete in our forth round of rope races.

The trip has thus far been very successful for everyone on board with many different challenges arising however have been overcome with the team work of everyone involved including staff members and youth crew. I look forward to the rest of the challenges which may lay ahead of this voyage and the success that will follow.


Mitchell from Seymour Vic.

Hi everyone

Today has been full of fun and excitement. After returning from shore and chatting with the friendly locals we began our fifth round of rope races. As part of our fifth round each watch was given a bag of super dopers and was then told the first watch to complete eating the entire bag was the winner. Of course blue watch won easily with Robbo doing his part and downing 3 and a half within 5 minutes, which is fairly hard to do in freezing cold conditions.
On the completion of rope races we set up the BBQ and enjoyed participating in singing along with Lisa as she played the guitar. We then were told we were able to go for a swim and so most of the crew ran down and quickly got changed and before you knew it everyone was jumping off the side of the boat into the icy cold Tasmanian water. Despite the burning of the cool water most were keen to jump in again.
Currently the music is pumping and everyone is having a good time eating and talking. We even managed to attract a local who puttered around the ship in his tinny.
I am looking forward to the movie and activities tonight, and for the rest of the week.

Camilla from Deniliquin NSW.