33° 52' South
151° 16' East
Situation at 2000- Wind:
It is great to be back at sea, especially with a great Staff Crew and a terrific Youth Crew who are sure to make the voyage a memorable one. This voyage is YOUNG ENDEAVOUR\\\\\\'s 250th since commencing the
youth development program in 1988. The Staff Crew this voyage are made up of: Captain John, XO Luke, Navigator Lauren(Lolly), Watch
Officer Damien (Damo), Engineer Greg (Rags), White Watch Leader Micheal (Dutchy), Red Watch Leader Chris (Polly), Blue Watch Leader
Eddy, Chef Ben (Stony) and A/White Watch Leader Phil (Spanky). They are all keen to be back to sea after the recent work period where several defects were rectified and routine maintenance was carried out. The Ship is in terrific shape, largely due to the efforts of Engineer Rags and Boatswain Dutchy.

The Youth Crew joined this afternoon and we sailed from Garden Island Naval Base at 1600 as planned. After a short transit, we
anchored in Rose Bay where the day one activities started with \\\\\\'Icebreakers\\\\\\' which gives the Youth Crew a chance to get to know each other and get a feeling for what lies ahead.

After completing their Ship\\\\\\'s tour, the Youth Crew enjoyed Chef Stony\\\\\\'s magnificant supper. Before long, though, they were called
back on deck for the climbing safety briefing and their first climb.They have just completed the climb and all hands went up and over the lower Top with no problems. Right now they are enjoying \\\\\\'Kye\\\\\\' before
the watch-on-deck will close up. There will be more climbing during the night watches in preparation for weighing anchor and setting sail tomorrow.

YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: Sinced 1988 the Ship has conducted 250 youth development voyages ranging from five days in length (as a trial) up to two months (during the 1992 world circumnavigation). In that time, 6000 young Australians from every State and Terrority have participated in the youth development program. In 2003 YOUNG ENDEAVOUR will undergo her half-life refit which will involve complete overhauls of the various engineering systems and refurbishment of the accommodation and communal areas.

YOUNG ENDEAVOUR GLOSSARY:Gasket-A light rope attached to the Jackstay of a yard for lashing the sail on to the yard when furling
it.Clewlines- Lines attached to the clews of the T\\\\\\'Gallant and Topsail used for hauling the Clews up to the yards when taking in sail.

Thought Of The Day: The pursuit of excellence is gratifying and healthy.The pursuit of perfection is frustrating and neurotic. It\\\\\\'s also a terrible waste of time. Author Unknown.

Yours, Aye

John Cowan