33° 33' South
151° 16' East
Currently at anchor in Broken Bay and enjoying a light easterly breeze with nil swell.
Ahoy Shipmates,
With the assistance of a strong north easterly we enjoyed a very good night's sail and by 0700 this morning we had sailed past Broken Bay and were located 5nm to the east of Sydney Harbour. As the wind had now backed to the south east, hands were called to tacking stations and we altered course back to the north and headed for our planned anchorage in Broken Bay. On completion of breakfast and the normal morning activities I conducted Captains setting and furling drills which were completed just as we commenced our pilotage into Broken Bay. Once we had entered Broken Bay I initiated a Man Overboard Exercise (MOBEX), which besides providing valuable training for the Staff Crew, it also gives the YC an appreciation for the quick responses required by all crew to quickly hand in all sail, manoeuvre the ship and recover a person from the water. Once this exercise was complete we continued to our planned anchorage just of the picturesque township of Patonga. Once safely at anchor the YC lay aloft to put sea furls on all the sails and once this task was completed the rope swing was rigged and we all enjoyed a refreshing swim of the side of the ship. This evening following another enjoyable ���teak deck BBQ�� I conducted the Command Day Brief which was followed by the Command Team elections. With these formalities complete, the YC have now settled into their anchor watches for the night with all endeavouring to get a good night's sleep in preparation for the commencement of tomorrows Command Day.

Please find attached Captains Log Entries from the Youth Crew.

Until Tomorrow, take care.

Yours Aye

Captain Gav

GREAT DAY!!!! I made it to the top of the mast! (Finally!). Anchored in Broken Bay and just had rope swings off the ship��_ now heading into another BBQ. Who said it wasn't a cruise ship??

See everyone soon, Love Carmen.  xox

Had another FANTASTIC Day on board the YE. Climbed the mast (again) and looked out over our beautiful coastline. We truly live in an amazing country! Love to mama��_

Today was tops we learnt so much about the boat and how it runs I'd like to thank the CBA for putting me on the ship and hi to everyone back home
Thanks from Chris

Hey everyone=]
Another great few days have gone by=] the experience just gets better and better=]
I hope that everything is going great at home and that all the animals are fine=]
Ceilidh's, hope that duke of ed went well for you and Caitlin I hope that you had a great birthday, and sorry that I couldn't be there=[
Missing you all,
xx Courtney

heya all,
having an awesome time here!
Not to worry, the food here is AWESOME! I think I've gained a bit of weight, despite all the exercise from rope pulling, sail setting etc.
Made some great friends here, and we're off to a bbq now. I think we're almost set for taking command tomorrow.
Hope my kittens are all ok? Missin you too family and friends!
Lots of luv n mushy stuff,

Hey hey,
It's Anthony again. Thing are going good on YE. Having a ball. The only down side is I killed my camera screen NOOO��_. Well command day tomorrow and it sounds like it is going to be Fun. Catch you all when I get back. Anthony ;-)

INSPIRATIONAL, CHALLENGING, REMARKABLE, LIFE CHANGING this describes how I feel about my time on the Young Endeavour so far. The last 24 hours has been particularly special seeing the changes in group dynamics; towards are more cohesive and strong knit group. Our teamwork, problem solving and communication skills are constantly improving and we are reaping the rewards of success and accomplishment of tasks! The food, signing songs and the opportunity to meet new people outside of normal social circles are but some of the amazing experiences I have enjoyed so far.

Hey all in brisy its liam hear just got to broken bay in Sydney after heading
North this is the best experience I have ever had in mi life and it has changed me
As a person be back to Brisbane soon��_