42° 10' South
148° 18' East
Wind: NW 20 - 25 Knots, sea calm, weather clear and cold (11 degrees C)
Ahoy Shipmates,

We have just spent an awesome 24 hours at sea, including coming through a gale with 50 knot winds. Here is YC Claire to tell you about it:

The last 24 hours were a bit tough a couple of people still getting over some sea sickness with the big seas. The night watches were extremely cold and everyone rugging up in layers and wet weather gear. It wasnt raining but the wet weather gear keep some of the wind off. Some youth crew got over the height of the yards and went for a climb in the 50 knot winds. It was a bit tough at first to hold on and tie at the same time with the boat rolling round everywhere, but i know i felt very proud of myself after the job was finished.

During the day we learnt some navigation and had some rope races. We had some dinner and then went on to our night watches.We put some storm sails up and then pulled them back down; all night. During the night the winds dropped and we woke to find a beautiful sunny morning in Wine Glass Bay.

Thanks Claire - sounds like you had a great day!

The weather has been pretty clear and although the winds have been pretty strong, the team came through with flying colours, and have earned themselves the title \Tall Ship Sailors\".

Today we will land the Youth Crew and their Staff Watch leaders ashore at Wineglass Bay, and they will do the three or so hour trek across the Freycinet Penninsula to Coles Bay. The remainder of the Staffies will motor the ship around to meet them on the other side. If the weather holds we will stay at anchor overnight before striking out the 90 miles to Port Arthur tomorrow.

Until tomorrow, shipmates,

Yours Aye,


Chris Galloway
Lieutenant Commander, RAN
Commanding Officer