42° 10' South
148° 18' East
Wind WNW 20-30 knots, partly cloudy, cool.
Ahoy Shipmates,

Apologies for not posting a log entry yesterday, but had some server issues.

Since the last log entry we have had a bit of heavy weather, with a WNW Gale making our passage up the East Coast of Tassie a bit slower than expected. Pretty much everyone in the YC has been seasick - by late yesterday as we passed Maria Island, there was no-one to be seen, except for a select few with their heads over the rail!

Things have taken a definate turn for the better; after we cam to anchor at 1800 last night, we had a BBQ, and then settled into anchor watches overnight so that everyone could get a good rest (which they did). The team have bounced back this morning with a vengeance and are keen as mustard to get on with it.

This motning we had colours (raised the flag, sang \Advance Australia Fair\"), morning brief, and \"happy hour\". Shortly we will having round one of \"rope races\" before the team head ashore to climb the southernmost of \"The Hazards\", a group of three small mountains on the North side of Wineglass Bay.

We will sail this afternoon and head for Skeleton Bay (arrggghh me hearties) where I am sure there are no pirates. We should get there during the forenoon tomorrow, but not before we do some sail handling drills. The weather is still pretty heavy ouside, with a strong wind warning (25-33 knots) in force. Usually good sailing for us!

So, until tomorrow, shipmates,

Yours Aye,


Chris Galloway
Commander, RAN
Commanding Officer"