41° 16' South
174° 3' East
Ahoy Shipmates,

Today we took the scenic 12.7km walking track from Furneaux lodge to
the Punga Bay lodge around the Endeavour Inlet. After everyone
returned onboard, we headed out and completed setting and furling
drills, prior to coming to anchor in Whaikeri, where we had a BBQ on
deck before a swim, Command Day elections, and the spider's web

The elections went off very well, with Kezza voted in as as Captain
for Command Day - now a word from him:

Howdy from NZ to my family and Miss and everyone back in Aus. I have
been very lucky to have the role of captain bestowed upon me for
tomorrows command day from my fellow crew, which is a great honour. I
along with the rest of the crew are very much looking forward to the
challenge that faces us. All going to plan we will end up
in Wellington tomorrow after an awesome days sailing. Hope everything
is well back there and its goodbye for now.

Kean Steinkellner (Kezza).

Until tomorrow, Shipmates,

Yours Aye,


Chris Galloway
Lieutenant Commander, RAN
Commanding Officer

P.S. - Happy 6th Birthday Sarah from Daddy - Love you and miss you.