41° 19' South
174° 48' East
Howdy all from Windy old Wellington,

Over the past twenty four hours as some daily readers may have been
aware we the youth crew took over the ship for our command day. This
day was one that we had all been anticipating and looking forward to
as soon as we heard what was going to happen and when.

We set off From Ship Cove, which is at the north end of the south
island around 2pm or 3pm on our course to reach our port in
Wellington Harbour at 1000 on Wednesday the 8th of Feb. We were
asigned by the captain and staff a list of tasks we had to complete
and certain navigational points that we had to pass within .5nm of.
The crew was awarded points for each task that was completed and
these points were tallied at the end of the days sailing. This points
system was not so much for competition but more for incentive and for
a challenge for the command leaders.

We got off to a bit of a shakey start with our first bearing slightly
off, which led to us being a bit off course but our nav officers who
were Alex and Mandy managed to put that behind them and get us back
on track and screaming down to our first point. Managing to remain on
course for the rest of the arvo and the early evening had us set to
reach our anchor point around 7 hours earlier than expected so the
Big Boss Man was forced to give us some extra tasks to complete.

We were blessed for the majority of the morning and afternoon with a
stunning blue sky and sunshine out, which really lifted and
maintained the spirits of the crew. Unfortunately as night time
approached we were hit by some stronger winds, which led to us
getting blown into an unnecessary tack and also to actually start
reversing the ship at 3 knots, which although unconventional we were
told that it was a FIRST ever and something to be proud of.

Apart from that small mishap the rest of the trip ran very smoothly
as we managed to find all our nav points and extra tasks and also to
keep the ship pointing in a forward direction, haha. We had to do
several tacks on the run home but despite that fact we were able to
stay on a good enough heading to safely get us to Wellington. The
entire crew as i did really enjoyed themselves and proved that
they could push themselves when times were toug. Every single of one
of them should be very proud of themselves as i am very proud of
them. Now a few of the crew wish to share some thoughts with you of
their journey;

Hi Mum and Dad,
We made it! The voyage was amazing and i have learnt so much about
sailing and that kind of caper. I've learnt a lot about work and
myself and what im capable of. I got to the top of the masts, which
was awesome and i still cant believe it. Im set for money and a bed
so i will talk to you soon,

I would just like to thank everyone for an enjoyable trip, its been a
pleasure. You've been great.

Hi Guys,
Bet your all missing me, oh well too bad 'cos im having way too much
fun! Talk soon,
Love Hans.

Hi everyone, well sadly our voyage has come to an end, but over the
last ten days we have seen some amazing scenery sailing down the east
coast of NZ, stopping in Napier and the Marlborough Sounds in the
Cook Strait. I have met a lot of amazing people and picked up a lot
of valuable skills which i will keep forever.

Hello all! This trip has been truely overwhelming experience and i
will never forget it. Treasure every moment!
Love Megs.

What an awesome trip and a great group of people to share it with.
Would love to come back and do it all again, hopefully without the 48
hours of sea sickness. Great meeting everyone, hope to catch up with
some of you all at a later date. Cheers,
Jordan Magg.

Thanks guys for those thoughts, to all those parents who are missing
their precious ones i can tell you they are safe, smiling and having
a great time. Big smiles from Chloe, Fel, Alex and all other crew. I
would just like to say that i thouroughly enjoyed my time as the
ships captain and would like to thank the staff and my fellow crew
for their support, without all of you this trip would not have been
half as fun. Hope all is well back there, take care and be sure we
will see all of you soon,

signing out for now,

Youth Crew Captain

Kean Steinkellner.