40° 57' South
173° 57' East
FABULOUS, Light Breeze, clear skies, 22 degrees
Today the weather was fabulous, with light breezes and clear skies,
and relatively warm at 22 degrees. Today was also special because it
was Youth Crew Bre-ah's 18th Birthday, so we sang Happy Birthday to
her at morning brief, and then for an extra treat, we asked her to
fake down the muddy cable in the cable locker when we weighed
anchor - a birthday treat I'm sure she won't ever forget!

After a quiet night spent at anchor in Portage, we went ashore for a
short visit, weighing and getting underway at 1100. After lunch we
had a brief \Happy Hour\" (Code for cleaning stations) and then round
two of rope races. After that we set all of the fore and aft sails,
and practised taking stations. We anchored in beautiful Waihinau Bay
at 1500, and eveyone had a swim - the water here is a bit colder than
back home!

This evening we had a BBQ ashore, and as I write, everyone is
returning on board, settling down into anchor watches in preparation
for a big day tomorrow. We berth in Nelson at 1300, and will be able
to get ashore for limited shore leave tomorrow night.

Until tomorrow,

Yours Aye,


Chris Galloway
Lieutenant Commander, RAN
Commanding Officer