17° 50' South
146° 9' East
Wind SE at 10 knots.
1. Situation at 2100. At anchor Trinity Inlet (Cairns) with 2 Shackles on Deck, Port Anchor. Wind SE at 10 knots.

2. Last night we experienced a magnificent night of sailing. The ship looked impressive as the sun rose with all three square sails set as we rounded Fitzroy Island near Cairns. If only the sunrise was as magnificent as the Queensland posters... a few low clouds dulled the actual moment, however the sun quickly burnt through the cloud giving us a glorious day.

3. This morning Hector explained the origins of \Two Six Heave\" - a chant that helps ensure that timing is kept when heaving in on lines. This cadence is important in generating maximum effort to tension lines, however has origins in the gun decks of timber ships of old. Thank you to Kat - a young woman of high calibre!

4. Our third round of Rope Races was another success under the guidance of Engineer Horto. This competition is carried out between watches and assists in enhancing ship knowledge and safety. The competition remains feirce for the final round.

5. At 1500 we started our engines (Iron Topsails) and shortly thereafter commenced motor sailing down the channel into Trinity inlet. This sheltered anchorage provided an excellent venue for the very popular Ship's Concert or Sod's Opera. The staff's excellent performance was eclipsed by the magnificent performances of the three watches. It is amazing to think that this band of friends joined the ship as strangers on Monday.

6. Tonight the youth crew will be busy recording their voyage in the Ship's scrapbooks. These books have a page dedicated to each watch for each voyage and are usually very artistic creations.


YOUNG ENDEAVOUR is named after the HMS ENDEAVOUR made famous by
Captain James Cook's first voyage in her in 1768-1771. She was
originally a collier, specially selected by Cook for her strong
construction, and renamed ENDEAVOUR after her purchase at Whitby,
England. Her naval description was a barque of 366 tons with ten
carriage guns (4-pounders) and twelve swivels.


\"We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are.\" Anais Nin

Yours Aye

Phil Gaden
Acting Commanding Officer.


Keza, 19, Cairns
Aye for all that go there. Five days well never be enough, now wishing we had an extra 5 days, to enjoy the voyage, now that the spew-o-meter is down to nil. Going to miss the fun and laughter, but at least I'll get to sleep in my own bed tommorrow night.

Erin, 16, Melbourne.
I have had an awesome time! It's been the best five days of my life (exept for the couple of days when I was sick...) I don't really want to go home yet but I would like a bed that doesn't move! It is a crazy crazy place (in a good way!)

Richard, 19, Hobart
What can I say? This Young Endeavour Trip has taught me a hell of a lot about myself. The trip was only 5 days long, but I wish it went forever! With the finest food on the seven seas, a ton of new phone numbers (Alright!) and friends that will last a lifetime, I'm stoked to say that this is one of the best experiences of my life. Big Shout Out to the Staffies that made this such a fantastic experience. "