41° 6' South
174° 15' East
Calm, clear, and warm
Good evening to everyone wherever in the world you may be,

We have finally made anchor at Ship Cove in the Marlborough Sound on the northern end of the South Island of New Zealand. We managed to defend Australia against the Spirit of New Zealand sail training ship this afternoon with a win in the Marlborough Classic, letting off the cannons for good measure!

The youth crew will be handing control of the ship back to the staff this evening after an action packed command day. We were challenged by variable winds during the day with gusts of up to 40 knots last night, with some of us taking an early swim on the bow! We performed well with some interesting manoeuvres being conducted this morning. We also managed to complete a wide range of command day challenges ranging from climbing the yards, an Italian meal extravaganza, squeezing into the challenger room, trying to spot King Neptune and keep the ship on course (most of the time anyway)!

Command day has been an exigent and rewarding time during this voyage. To be given control of this fantastic ship, all 15 million dollars worth, is a great privilege and has taught all of us many invaluable life skills. While at times Command Day seemed like a baptism of fire, the great satisfaction and sense of achievement that we all feel today is very inspiring. Being able to rely upon and trust our fellow crew mates are hallmarks of a cohesive and effective team. Above all, we made sure we had an enormous amount of fun in the process, shared many laughs and worked hard.

We cooled off in the cold waters of Ship Cove this afternoon and after a hearty gourmet meal from Sammi we will hand back the Young Endeavour Telescope of Discovery to the Staffies and continue our journey to Wellington aboard this exciting once in a lifetime adventure.

Ay me hearties!

Captain, Command Team Green