37° 9' South
139° 45' East
Currently at anchor in Guichen Bay (Robe) and experiencing moderate SE winds.
Ahoy Shipmates,
Overnight we managed to maintain a consistent speed of 8kts and sunrise this morning found us 70nm from Guichen Bay. During the morning watch the wind backed to the south east enabling us to set all squares and bring the ship under a full press of sail. With this wind shift came improved weather conditions and with it a much healthier YC, which enabled us to reactivate the training program. Following morning brief and a good set of cleaning stations (happy Hour) I managed to spend the rest of the forenoon instructing the watches on sail theory and in particular the intricacies of sailing Young Endeavour. Come lunch time most of the YC had rediscovered their appetites and much to the Chefs delight devoured most of the food that he had painstakingly prepared. Following lunch the Engineer (Sumo) conducted the second set of rope races and once this activity was complete all sail was handed in and Young Endeavour entered Guichen Bay, escorted by a pod of lively dolphins, finally coming to anchor in our planned anchorage position just of the picturesque fishing township of Robe at 1500. Once safely at anchor an enthusiastic YC were ferried ashore so that they could have the opportunity to stretch their legs, have a ���fast food' fix and enjoy the sights of Robe. This evening with everyone safely back onboard we enjoyed a famous YE ���teak deck BBQ��,(cooked by the Navigator and myself) followed by a very entertaining session of three way talks (public speaking and communication exercise). As this is our first night at anchor since departing Port Phillip Bay all watches have been reduced to anchor watches for the night allowing both YC and staff the opportunity to get a good nights sleep, ensuring that everyone will be well rested for the days ahead.

Please find attached Captains Log entries from the Crew of Voyage 18/08.

Until tomorrow, take care.

Yours Aye

Captain Gav


Ahoy there me heartys,

Today we anchored at Robe! Which we found out they don't have robes in Robe. When we woke up the weather was starting to settle down after a rough night at sea. Most people have now over come sea sickness��_.but we will find out that tomorrow when we set sail again. We have all been getting along together really well just like a big happy family.

A special hello to Tara from Matt, I love you. A special hello to my Family and Rocca too. I love you all!
Hi mum it's Elise. I'm alive and well, haven't been sick yet! Love you
Hello Elkingtons, I'm very well today, overcome the sea sickness and now having the best time with the best people and yes I am the youngest. Love you.
Hey McLeans I have over come sea sickness and now having a blast. Love Cassie.
Aloha Falsters, having a fantastic time, some quality weather and great people. No seasickness and many dolphins. Catcha soon, love Me. Ily el.

Howdy Swalwells! YE is rocking, I'm getting used to sleeping halfway up the wall now due to the boat lean. Food is good, makes the seasickness better (I'm over it though so it's all good =).

G'day Zubaughs and Bankys, Love from the middle of the southern ocean!! Looking forward to talking soon. <3 Take care LL

Hi All ���
When Captain Gav says most people have overcome sea sickness ��_ he means everyone except for us  We have high hopes for tomorrow!! The hugging trees at Robe today really helped! Being out at sea and not being able to see land was a big shock to the system, especially with big waves looking as if they are going to crash on your head!! The great people and fun and ���Interactive�� games ��_ and especially Nana, have made up for all the spewing, and we're looking forward to some great weather and great sailing in the days to come!
The food has been really amazing ��� we have been spoilt rotten!
A special hello to our families and our work friends ��_
Jess and Beck X X X

Hey its Ethan, im getting used to sleeping on the almost 45�_ angle when its windy and rough, haven't been sick yet, but many others have as im typing im having on the ship a bbq where we are ancord at Robe, a quiet town in SA where every 2nd car is a v8 turbo and a deisiel pump said it cost 99.9c per litre! Also we were the talk of the town in the pub��_ anyway see you soon,Ethan.

Hi to everyonr having a fantastic time. Love Carol and Jess Carl xo

Hey to all my family and friends. Dad, Ree, Jake, Amy, Ash, Syd, Nick and all the Gaults. Having a fantastic time, we anchored and went to shore in Robe today, was pretty amazing to see land again. Today was the first day I havn't been sick, so it was great. Climbed the mast for the 4th time today and was finally able to have a shower and wash my hair without falling out of the shower. Has been a pretty amazing trip, cant wait to tell you all about it, missing you all heaps, will talk to you soon. All my love and lots of hugs and kisses, Jess xoxoxo

Hey May's and Sami  I'm feeling much better today after crossing into SA waters and standing on land. The past few days have been rough for a lot of us, with strong winds, seas and weak stomachs- the hot chips at Robe seemed to do the trick and brighten my spirits. Miss and love you all very much, see you soon, Taryn, xoxoxo.

Hi Family! I didn't realise this thing was here, but I told Phil to tell you guys to check it out. Thanks Mum and Dad for the heads up on the sea sickness tablets, haven't even spewed despite the bumpy ride. I���m having a great (challenging) time. Hope you're all well. I think you'd be proud of me. Phil if you read this, I'm OK! Don't worry about me, and make sure you eat at least 3 meals a day!! Love you. LOVE POL xxxxxx

Hello Family! Mum you'll be glad to know I haven't been eaten by sharks or stolen by pirates��_yet! I'm having a great time, the people are brilliant, the food even better and I have so far escaped seasickness! The weather has been rough but it all adds to the mood! Climbing the masts is truly terrifying��_but at least there are no spiders up there! I'm having a fantastic time- can't wait to tell you all about it. Hope you are well! Lots of love, Elise xoxox.

Hi All,
Robe is definitely the coolest place on earth��_even if it has only a pub, fish and chip shop and a bakery. Being at anchor with only the gentle swaying makes life so much more phun for everyone (showers make people feel sooo much more human- my hair has lost its matts finally). Food tastes so much better when your guts are no longer hurling. My sea-legs have finally grown and I'm feeling pretty damn good��_even when I'm hanging off the tagallant bringing in the sails.
Love Kass xxxooo