36° 49' South
174° 55' East
Ahoy Shipmates!

Well, Voyage 01/06 is off and running - after a busy day on Auckland
Harbour for anniversary day, the new Youth Crew joined and and we set
off to begin the voyage shortly after 1600. As we motored east into
the Hauraki Gulf we were met by numerous yachts and power boats
returning to Auckland after their long weekend away.

Overnight the Youth Crew split up into watches and conducted safety
briefs, ship's tours, line handling and deck safety drills, and
entered into their 'full voyage contracts'. This morning it was up
early for early morning activity, followed by a swim and a great
breakfast from the resident chef, Bec ('cos in Young Endeavour, it's
all about the food...).

Today we will complete our climbing safety briefs, undertake our fist
climb, and get ashore on the island for a bit of exercise and a walk.
All things being equal we will sail this afternoon and spend the
night at sea, bedding down the watchkeeping routines and making
ground towards Napier, which is our next port of call on Friday.

Until tomorrow, Shipmates,

Yours Aye,


Chris Galloway
Lieutenant Commander, RAN
Commanding Officer