23° 53' South
152° 25' East
Wind SE 15knots, sea calm, swell 0.5m, clear and warm day.
Ahoy Me Hearties,

The weather has certanly put it on for us today! Since we sailed from 1770 last night at 2030, it has been calm and warm. Overnight we sailed in gentle south easterly breezes, making 4 knots overnight to Lady Musgrave Is. This morning enroute we had morning brief, demonstration tacks (a bridge-eye view of tacking), sail theory 2, and a safety review of setting and furling drills in preparation for command day.

We dropped anchor a short while ago at the laggon entrance at beautiful Lady Musgrave Is, and after cleaning stations (yes, the ship needs to feel happy too) we will be going ashore to the Island and for a snorkel in the lagoon. After that we will have a communication exercise, followed by a BBQ on deck, and the \spider's web\" exercise. That done, we will be into command day elections, and a quiet night overnight (which we will need after a pretty full-on day!).

Tomorrow we will spend the morning in preparation for command day, before we hand the ship over to the Youth Crew command team at 1300 for 24 hours. Should be exciting!

Until tomorrow ye lubbers,


Chris Galloway
Lieutenant Commander, RAN
Commanding Officer."