24° 7' South
152° 43' East
Wind Light and Variable, Overcast and Warm

Definition of a plan = Basis for change.

And change we did, shipmates. Overnight we had good sailing conditions and sailed north east out of Hervey Bay to Lady Elliot Island where we came to anchor at 1300 today. The was because the wind died on us altogether so there was no point flopping around like a \painted ship on a pianted sea\". The island marks the southern most extent of the Great Barrier Reef.

Enroute we completed setting and furling drills, tacking ship, and kept watches overnight. During the evening most climbed aloft, and learned how to helm (steer) the ship and keep a lookout.

There were a few who succumbed to sea sickness. Of particular note in that category were Luke (max points for volume) and Rhiannon (for volume and expression). The good news is that eveyone continued to work through their time of challenge!

This afternoon we went ashore to the island where we all had the opportunity to go for a swim/snorkel in the crystal waters of the Reef. I have never seen so much marine life in one place outside an aquarium - so far we have seen sharks, manta rays, coral trout, sea snakes, and turtle just to mention a few.

We will weigh anchor shortly and make passage to Rooney Point on the NW extremity of Fraser Is. We should be able to get ashore for beach sports and a leg stretch.

Until tomorrow, me hearties,

Yours Aye,


Chris Galloway
Commander, RAN
Commanding Officer"