36° 25' South
138° 28'
Temp 19, Wind 250/15kts, overcast, at anchor Kangaroo Is.
Yesterday was one of those absolutely magical days. We had a good fresh breeze from the NE, there was not a cloud to be seen and as we went about our business we sighted dozens of whales and hundreds of dolphins. We managed to conduct about ten tacks and I gave the youth crew a lecture on sail theory that is all necessary preparation for their upcoming command day. Great stuff.

Early in the evening the wind backed to the SW which was fine as we were heading north for Backstairs Passage that separates the mainland and Kangaroo Island. The Souwesterly was short lived though and we soon found ourselves becalmed. The sky was looking ominous to the west and we gasketted up the squares and furled the topgallant staysail in preparation for a bit of a blow. Blow it did and the ship was soon speeding along at 9 kts close hauled in 25-30kts of NW wind. A few squalls came through around midnight with the Anemometer peaking at 45kts which provided a bit of a thrill and excitement.

Backstairs Passage was transited early this morning prior to anchoring in Eastern Cove, Kangaroo Is at 0800. We will be going ashore later this morning for a BBQ lunch and we will then have some free time to explore the local area. Having spent the last four days at sea most of the crew are looking forward to having something solid under their feet for a few hours.