42° 8' South
148° 18' East
Wind: NW 15-25 knots, sea calm, clear and partly cloudy.
Ahoy Me Hearties,

Here we are at anchor in Coles Bay on the beautiful Freycinet Peninsula. Yesterday the Youth Crew took the overland track from Wineglass Bay to Coles Bay while staffies sailed the ship around via Schouten Passage. To tell you about their day, here is YC Rick:

Absoutely awesome fun, from a small country town to the big city, climbing a mast in fifty knots wind is no small achievement for any of the crew on board the beautiful Young Endevour. Now for all you parents out there, this was a once off gale that only lasted a night but tested each and everyone of us, fear not we are in great hands. ;)

In the last twenty four hours we have seen nothing but clear skies which gave us the oppertunity for those to stretch thier legs and trott in the fresh country side that is Tasmania, even had the chance to pat the local wallaby (nicked named 'Red'), so far this trip has given us many highs and only few lows... finding our sea legs is a given.

Last night on the deck we played 'three way talks', in groups of three, we act out one of the two people we were teamed up with and learnt as much embarassing and interesting facts as we could, well, we certainly did learn some interesting facts.

Right now the crew is having its daily 'Happy Hour', which involves a lot of music, dancing with mops and perhaps... a little cleaning. Well i must not let my team do all the work (just the toilet), so cheers from the Young Endevour and see you see.

Thanks Rick, great work.

Today we will weigh anchor after lunch, and commence our 90 mile passage to historic Port Arthur, where we will anchor tomorrow night, and hopefully get the ghost tour in!

Until tomorrow, Shipmates,

Yours Aye,


Chris Galloway
Lieutenant Commander, RAN
Commanding Officer