Voyage name: 
21 August - 31 August
Wind light and variable. Sea flat. Sky partly cloudy.

After a good forenoon yesterday of sailing, the wind abaited in the afternoon, requiring the use of the Iron Topsails! With both engines at top of the green and a full press of fore and aft sails we spent a mild night cruising down the northern NSW coast. After morning brief Young Endeavour anchored in Coffs Harbour just before 1000. With happy hour complete the rest of the forenoon was filled up with a 'rules of the road' lecture detailing how to safely drive your ship at sea and not hit fellow mariners.

Lunch was once again the spectacular festival of cuisine that has become the norm from our relatively new cheffo Simon. After lunch it was time for Rope Races round 2 and a short boat ride ashore to play some sport on the beach. This was also the perfect opportunity for those poor souls suffering from sea sickness to use the perfect cure - sit under a tree!

Until tomorrow...

Ian Hibbard
Voyage Captain