24° 49' South
152° 28' East
Wind - NE 10 knots, sea state low, clear and cool.
Ahoy you scurvy lubbers,

Here to tell you about Command Day Part 2 is Captain Alan (assisted by Meischa):

Informalities first...hello to all our friends and family following our voyage down the Whitsunday Coast!!!

At 0001hrs last night, the boys were handed over the Captains Hat from the female command group and effectively the keys to the Young Endeavour. Starting off at a cracking pace, we were sailing with about 15 knots of wind under 5 sails and motoring along at about 6knots...considering our voyage to date has encountered minimal wind, this was an exciting development!

Smashing through our first way point (and earning 50 points!), the youth crew and command team then proceeded to tack the ship, change course and headed to check point two and three.

However within a matter of 2 1/2 hours the wind changed a full 180 degrees and the command team's well laid plans were sunk to the bottom of the ocean. A quick change of course proved more difficult than doing your shoelaces up with your teeth (or so Alan says...) and we ended up in the mans land. We were stuck with no wind and the current dragging BACKWARDS!

Our appeals to Captain Chris scored us the use of the ships engines for 45minutes at which point they mysteriously \died\". Luckily the wind had picked up and the youth crew banded together and set 5 sails, all in twenty minutes...this was an impressive display of team work and leadership. Well done all involved!

The YE weighed anchor off Begarra Beach just before 1300hrs and the keys were (somewhat gratefully) handed back to the staff and Captain.

We made it...Yippee!!!

At the end of Command Day, we scored a total of 4028 points; having made it through 3 check points, sighting 6 whales and 21 dolphins, and conning 37 locals to help a small youth team (which paddled a rubber dingy to shore) to claim a section of the beach for the youth of Australia whilst singing the national anthem.

Overall a very successful Command Day. Without the skills learnt and continuous support from the staff, this would not have been achieved and we still would have been stuck at Fraser Island.

Without the Youth Crew working together as one, our task could not have been accomplished, nor the good times and great memories.

We're off to dinner,
Till next time

Meischa and Alan :o)

Tomorrow we wil head into Bundaberg for our half day sail to pick up a group of people with disabilites, who are unable to undertake a full voyage with us.

Until tomorrow, shipmates,

Yours Aye


Chris Galloway
Commander, RAN
Commanding Officer