19° 7' South
146° 51' East
Wind SE at 15 knots.
2. YOUNG ENDEAVOUR embarked 21 excited youth crew in Townsville Harbour this morning as grey skys threatened Queensland's claim of year round beautiful weather. The grey skys also came with the promise of fresh to strong south easterly breezes for the next week which will make an exciting voyage.

3. The staff crew welcomed our new friends and we quickly prepared to sail. This voyage sees the return of some old faces in the staff crew. The staff for this voyage are: Captain Phil, XO Hibbo (Crazy Horse), Nav Georgie, Watch Officer Hector (The master of story telling), Engineer Horto, Chef Speedy and Watchleaders Rachael, Brodie and Bec.

4. Our departure was delayed slightly due to traffic in the narrow channel at Townsville hoewver the ship quickly made for open water and sails were set as the youth crew quickly embraced life on the open sea. This involved learning about how to safely secure the lines that control the 10 sails normally set on our voyages.

5. With some excellent sailing running before the wind with the Topsail set (the middle square sail) the ship came to anchor shortly after 1500 in the lee of Magnetic Island. A quick boat trip ashore found our missing youth crew member and the ship now fully manned has settled into the afternoon and evening's activities. The strong SE winds have created a choppy sea making for a rather uncomfortable anchorage tonight - which I fear will see the fish in
the area benefit from Chef Speedy's fantastic dinner more than many of the youth crew.

6. The early onset of sea sickness hasn't dampened enthusiasm however and the youth crew are currently completing their first climbs aloft on the foremast. Spirits are higher than even the impressive 110 foot mast and we are looking forward to sailing north tomorrow morning.


The ship is fitted with two cast steel anchors with forged steel shanks weighing a total of 444kg. The anchor only partly assists in holding the ship in a secure position. The majority of holding comes from the 17.5mm chain cable also laid with the anchor. The length of cable is referred to in number of shackles (90 feet lengths). Based on a formula the amount of cable is calculated based on water depth and sea bed material (mud, sand, rock, coral etc). Tonight we have three shackles or 270 feet of cable holding us in


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Yours Aye

Phil Gaden
Acting Commanding Officer."