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Today has been a huge day for the YC and Staff alike.
Overnight the YC continued to sail the Ship, amassing a great deal of experience in tacking by themselves. The wind was working hard to stop them from achieving their end goal of reaching Newcastle, but to their credit, the YC stuck at it and at 1109 this morning they reached their goal of the Entrance Beacon to Newcastle Harbour.

After what was a very long night the YC were hoping for a bit of a rest, however that was not to be. Straight after handing command of the Ship back to the Staff, we had to square ourselves away to enter Newcastle Harbour and proceed to our berth. Due to the RHIB not being serviceable, the Beach Assault Team departed the Ship as soon as we were alongside and headed off in search of a beach that they could claim for the Youth of Australia. Only 25 minutes later they had managed to bring 81 other Australians together to sing the
National Anthem and hoist the Youth Flag, a very successful effort indeed.

Following the successful return of the Beach Assault Team, we proceeded ashore to have a couple of hours to relax, grab a 'real' coffee and do some planning and in some cases shopping, before the evening's festivities. Congratulations to Hewsy and Blackie who managed to get the world's worst Safari Suits from the Local Op Shop at what I'm told was an absolute bargain price...

Our sojourn ashore ended at 1400, with the commencement of what is probably the most important part of the Command Day experience, the debrief. This took approximately two and a half hours to complete, but I am positive that all members of the YC will take some very valuable lessons away from the experience. Elements of teamwork, tolerance, respect and communication were all brought out and examined, finished off with yet another one of my famous quotes.

Into the evening, and after dinner we made our preparations
for the Sod's Opera. The staff dressed up in all manner of bizarre
costumes, with a number of skits from both staff and YC. We must have
been an entertaining spectacle for the members of the general public
who frequent Queens Wharf. Finally now at 2030 it is getting very
close to bed time, with a battle worn and weary crew we are looking
forward to a relaxing sleep, recharging ourselves before what should
be another big day tomorrow.


Davy Jones' Locker - the colourful term for the bottom of the ocean where sunken boats (amongst other things) end up. This usually triggers a visit from Davy Jones' lawyer.

YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Thought of the Day:

'Each one of us is dealt a hand of cards by life. It's not so much
the hand you get dealt but what you do with it that matters.'

- Woodrow Wilson Sayre.

More to follow,

Paul Barrie
Acting Commanding Officer