17° 9' South
141° 50' East
Wind. SE at 10 knots.

1. Situation at 1530.

2. Overnight the watches continued their artistic efforts in the
scrapbooks onboard leaving a lasting reminder of their voyages for
the future.

3. This morning the sun burnt through the clouds early revealing a
magnificent day with a perfect breeze for the forthcoming half day
sail. We proceeded the short passage to the wharf where we embarked
guests from the Trinity Youth Centre and some Naval personnel from
HMAS CAIRNS. The half day sail was a resounding success with our new
friends assisting in setting sails. There was also plenty of time
for the consumption of delicious cream buns, slices and muffins
brought on board especially for the day. We also passed the
Queensland Sail Training Ship SOUTH PASSAGE and exchanged courtesies
in the time honoured tradition of dipping Ensigns.

4. At 1300 we returned alongside where we bade farwell to our
guests. The youth crew then were busied with their final task - the
completion of all important questionaires and exchange of contact
details before the finale - all youth crew laying aloft for the
singing of the National Anthem.

5. At 1500 the port resounded with the strains of Advance Australia
Fair. The performance was nothing short of enthusiastic, however I
can report the youth crew are far better sailers than singers. Back
on deck the youth crew were presented with certificates and farwelled
by the staff. We wish this fine body of young Australians fair winds
and following seas in their future endeavours. It was a pleasure to
sail with them, and such a fine professional staff crew, for our
northernmost voyage this season.

Yours Aye

Phil Gaden
Acting Commanding Officer.