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Situation at 21:00 - At Anchor, Horseshoe Bay - Magnetic Island in Position 1907S 14652E.
Hello, and welcome to the Captain's Log for V12/03. Firstly, thank you all for joining us for the first instalment of 'nautical
exploits' and 'maritime fun' for the voyage. I hope, through this medium, that you will all get a sense of the adventure, enjoyment and mateship that will befall our intrepid Youth Crew (YC) over the next ten days.

At 1600 today, YOUNG ENDEAVOUR was ready to sail with a full complement of Staff, YC and Supernumeries. All up, 36 people had embarked and were preparing for 'the adventure of a lifetime'.Unfortunately our adventure was forced to remain alongside Townsville Wharf for a few extra minutes whilst other shipping traffic cleared
the harbour. At 1620 we departed and layed off tracks to our present anchorage position at Magnetic Island.

In the beautiful Queensland sunshine and with many happy, smiling faces, YOUNG ENDEAVOUR made the long trek down the channel to the outer limits of Townsville Harbour. Meanwhile the YC were engaged in conducting some introductory activities. These activities included tours of the Ship and some 'get to know you' games before
finally arriving at anchor at 1800.

Once settled at anchor, the YC were able to sample their first galley experience. Mark up a wonderful meal to the Chef, Stonii. After dinner the YC were straight back into the activities with the commencement of the Safety Aloft Brief from XO, Paige,followed by the first climb. This event only ended twenty minutes ago with all members of the YC being successful in getting over the lower
top (first) platform.

We are now settling into the first night watch experience of the voyage, with each watch taking their turn to monitor the Ship's
safety overnight and all members of the YC getting their first crack at conquering the Foremast. For some this won't be a real challenge, for others this will be an objective that takes a few attempts. One
thing I am sure of, is that they will all give it their best shot.

The Staff Crew (SC) for this voyage are as follows: Executive Officer (XO) - Paige Butcher, Navigator (Nav) - Phil 'Spanky' Gaden, Watch Officer (WO) - Jarrod 'The Chief' Weaving, Engineer - Simon 'Stewy' Stewart, Chef - Ben 'Stonii' Stone, White
Watch Leader (BOSUN) - Micheal 'Dutchy' Van Walle, Red Watch Leader (RWL) - Lisa 'Stops' Hickman and Blue Watch Leader (BWL) - Shez
'Skull' Folkes. In addition I would like to welcome Kirsten 'Sten' Farmery to the fold as the Assistant Blue Watch Leader. Of note,
Paige, Jarrod and Lisa are also relatively new crew members who I am sure will bring a lot of vibrant energy to the voyage. I look
forward to working with all members of the Ship's Company (YC and SC) throughout the voyage.

Thought of the Day:
'The depth and strength of a human character are defined by its moral reserves. People reveal themselves completely only when
thrown out of the customary conditions of life, for only then do they have to fall back on their reserves.'
-Leon Trotsky

More to Follow,

Paul 'Chooka' Barrie
Acting Commanding Officer