Voyage name: 
14 August - 24 August

Wind: NW at 2kts

Swell: Nil

Temp: 17 degrees

Ahoy there,

Welcome to the Captains log for voyage 15/12. The Staffies have been flat out today getting the ship ready for sea all morning long. All the stores have been stowed, the sails prepared and the decks washed. The Staff Crew for this voyage consists of,

Captain Matt

Sail Master Jordo

Navigator Rick

Watch Officer Paige

Red Watch Leader Brodie

White Watch Leader Dougie

Blue Watch Leader Michelle

Chef Luke

Engineer Mick

Volunteer Harriet

It was with great pleasure that Jordo opened the gangway at 1450 to allow the first Youth Crew members to embark onboard the ship. Once the full ships compliment was onboard and mustered at midships I welcomed everyone onboard and introduced the Crew.

Once the introductions were completed and the last of the friends and families had departed we cast off the berthing hawsers and made our way out to sea. There were a few longing eyes hugging the wharf as the Youth Crew watched their friends and family on the wharf wave goodbye. Once we were clear of the wharf the watches settled into some ice breakers, while the after guard looked after the navigation and running of the ship. It was only a short pilotage to our anchorage for the night at Quoin Anchorage.

The anchorage time coincided quite nicely with dinner and I had just enough time to wash my hands and report for galley duty where I was amazed at the huge feast that Luke had prepared for the first meal onboard. Every choice was good and most of the Youthies opted for a sampler of everything. So much so I was unsure if they would be able to climb at all tonight.

After dinner Jordo got the watches up on deck so that I could have a chat about my expectations for the voyage with them, this was soon followed up by Jordo and his little chat. Then before we knew it, it was time to move onto the main event for this evening, climbing aloft.

The first major challenge the Youth Crew experience is to climb aloft to the topgallant yard as a watch and then back down the other side of the rigging. This is an extremely daunting task on the first night and I would have to say that everyone gave it a very good effort. I think just about everyone pushed their limits tonight and those who did not will soon have the chance to do so out at sea. It has been a good first day over all and everyone has now turned in for the night, ready for an early start tomorrow morning.

Until Tomorrow



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