Voyage name: 
V11/18 Newcastle to Brisbane
24 Jun - 04 Jul 2018
32 54.6' S
151 47.9' E

Weather - occasional passing shower, Wind - from SSW at 10 knots, Swell - 1.0 m from SE, Temp: 12 deg. C

Ahoy there Shipmates,
It was a great pleasure to meet the lovely youth crew of Voyage 11 today in Newcastle. They embarked at 1500 with friends and family in tow, who came to inspect the Ship and the staff crew, and to farewell their loved one for 11 days. I told them to rest assured, we would take very good care of their young sailors, as we have a very experienced staff crew for this voyage. Namely:
Sailmaster - Evan
Navigator - Harry
Watch Officer - James
Assistant Watch Officer - Brendon
White watch leader - Guv
Red watch leader - Blake
Blue watch leader - Morgan
Engineer - Horto
Chef - Marcus.
And so it was then, at 1600 we departed our berth at Queens Wharf to make a transit to our planned anchorage off Stockton Beach. Once we had anchored the watches undertook some ‘Ice Breaker’ activities to get to know one another. This was followed by a detailed tour of the Ship hosted by our Watch Leaders.
Marcus whipped us up a lovely feast. I was pretty sure the Nachos and Salmon choices were spectacular, but not 100% convinced, I needed seconds to confirm. Yes, we are going to be spoilt this voyage.
So, a nice introduction to life at sea this afternoon with a little sea state causing only a hand full of youthies to ‘feed the fish’. Others not afflicted, enjoyed getting to know each other. Day one is done and dusted folks, looking forward to day two. The plan is to remain at anchor here overnight, pushing northwards tomorrow.
Yours Aye,
Captain Mike