Captain's Log
V09/18 Sydney to Sydney
17 April 2018

Captain Safety

Hello Shipmates,Welcome to Day 2 of the voyage. Following a well deserved and much needed night’s rest the Youth Crew awoke at 0600 to a breezy, overcast Sydney morning. Sail master Harry treated us to an early morning activity (EMA) ‘ice-breaker’ to get the blood flowing and mind into gear. After breakfast the Youth Crew experienced their first morning brief, stage managed by Harry, which included a brief from the Navigator Nick and one of my motivational quotes. At 0830 we all mustered on deck for the Climbing Brief, given by the Sail Master. This included the correct fitting and use of the Ship’s safety harnesses, the Ship’s climbing safety systems and associated procedures. Then the Youth Crew climbed to the Top Gallant yard, the highest point on the foremast, under the tuition of their Watch Leaders and with support from all staff members.After lunch Staffie Brendon gave the ‘Captain Safety’ more detailed brief on the fitted equipment and systems we have in the Ship, from life jackets to smoke markers, from life rings to EPIRBs. After that we weighed anchor and proceeded to sea.The staff then set a staysail as a demonstration and then the youth crew began practical setting and furling of the staysails. Harry gave the Mainsail and the Square Sail briefs and then the watches cycled through dinner, although not all youth crew were all that interested in food, given the rolling motion we experienced as we made ground to the NE with a 2 metre southerly swell and a 16 kn SE breeze. After dinner we set the Main Sail and the Jib The crew then prepared for their first night at sea. This will involve keeping 4 hour Sea Watches through the night, during which they will work the sails as required and keep the Ship safe performing duties as helmsman, lookouts, and conducting below deck engineering rounds. No doubt the crew will sleep well after a busy dayUntil tomorrow, Yours aye,Captain Mike


33 39.8' S / 151 25.7' E


Weather - overcast with passing showers, Wind 160 / 20 kn, Swell - from the south at 2 metres, Temp: 18 deg. C