Captain's Log
7 February 2002

Camaraderie and a Superb View

Today we got up early and with sleep still in our eyes, pulled up the anchor and set sail for another island.We sailed for hours running west as the sun beat down on our shoulders enjoying the camaraderie and the sea.In the afternoon we spotted another great looking island. We dropped anchor and went ashore at Althorpe Island. If you can imagine an almost circular rock fringed by sheer cliffs , over 100 metres in height and a kilometre in diameter with a classic looking lighthouse on top then you would be looking at this island. The view from the top of the stairs overlooking the bay in which YOUNG ENDEAVOUR was anchored was superb.After a dinner of pizza and pasta we got going. Tonight we will sail across Spencer Gulf for a short visit to Port Lincoln, tomorrow, Friday.Stay tuned,Andrew Davis


35° 13' South / 136° 47'


At sea in Specer Gulf under fore and aft sail, wind sou'west at 20 knots, temp 16C.