Captain's Log
4 July 2006


MICK – YOUTH CREW CAPTAINSailing Young Endeavour from Dunk Island to Cairns would seem adifficult task with no staff input. This was not our biggestproblem. Whilst the Youth Crew worked around the clock to get ussailing we were missing Mother Natures input and with no wind wemoved only a few Nautical Miles from Dunk Island in the first 6hours.The call was made to turn noise into movement and the engines werestarted just after Midnight and we powered through the night. By 0800this morning we had a great 25 knott wind off our starbord quarterand we sailed again, passing Fitzroy Island travelling at just shy of10 knotts. Once we Cape Grafton we gave the wheel hard left and packed up thesails down to motor through the tight channel into Cairns.The Youth Crew need to be congratulated for their stella performanceon Command Day. We acheived the majority of our tasks including theBeach Assult, Hammock, Mural, Knott Demo and we sang the NationalAnthem to the tune of 5 different songs including ‘Come all yefaithful’ and ‘Catch My Deasease’ by Ben Lee. The cheers were heardfar and wide as we made first sight on Cairns whilst all bar twoof the crew were ‘laying a loft’ (climing on the masts) for a photo,another task. Most importantly though we cleared the two outerchannel markers to Cairns at 1158 spot on to our 1200 target. To all the Staff Crew a big thankyou for all your assitance inpreparing us for command day.For anyone thinking of joining Young Endeavour for a voyage all I cansay is come along. The staff and challenges may seem intimidatingbut the skills and friendships we have forged are unbeliveable.Tally Ho from YEMickUntil tomorrow…Ian HibbardLEUT, RANCaptain V10/06


16° 56' South / 145° 46' East


Very Little Wind