Captain's Log
V13/17 Brisbane to Newcastle
10 February 2017


Ahoy there,Welcome to the Captains log for voyage 13/17. The Staff Crew for this voyage consists of:Captain                         MikeSail Master                     EvanNavigator                       AdamWatch Officer                 KyleRed Watch Leader           LozWhite Watch Leader        MeggsBlue Watch Leader          JimmyChef                            MarcusEngineer                       BrettSuitability Candidate         MattIt was with great pleasure that Evan opened the gangway at 1450 and invited the eagerly waiting Youth Crew of Voyage 13 of 2017, and some of their families and friends onboard the Young Endeavour alongside at HMAS Moreton in Brisbane. Once all the luggage had been stowed below decks, Evan welcomed everyone onboard and gave me the opportunity to say a few words about the Ship and then introduce the remainder of the Staff Crew. It was then time for farewells to families and friends. Once they had departed the gangway was closed and it was time for a safety brief, after which we departed the wharf and commenced our passage to Tangalooma, our planned anchorage for the night.Once we had cleared the wharf and stowed away lines and fenders the Youth Crew watches commenced detailed Ship’s Tours. At 1730 we stopped to enjoy Chef Marcus’ first culinary masterpiece and I took the opportunity to help out in the galley with the serving of dinner.Afterwards we all gathered together and I explained the various phases of the Voyage, discussed the motto of the Ship (Carpe Diem), what it means and encouraged everyone to make the best of their time onboard, taking on new challenges and having a go at everything. Brett then spoke about the need to be frugal with the use of fresh water when showering onboard. 90 second showers are ‘the go’. He also explained the dos and don’ts of our onboard toilets. It was then Evan’s turn and he spoke on routines and rules and the need for Youth Crew to have respect for themselves, each other and our beautiful Ship.We anchored the Ship at Tangalooma at 2015 and the Youth Crew, working in their Watches, got an introduction to Deck Safety and completed their ‘Full Value Contracts’ in which they detailed what they wanted to achieve during the Voyage individually and as a group. The Watches finally turned-in at 2200 for some well needed rest, in preparation for an early start tomorrow. Yours aye,Captain Mike


27 10.3' S / 153 22.1' E


Weather at anchor: overcast, showery, Wind ENE at 10 kn, Temp: 18 deg. C