Captain's Log
7 March 2002

Building up Muscles

Situation at 1800: After leaving Wedge Island yesterday evening we sailed up Spencer Gulf before a fresh Southerly, averaging six knots overnight and completing some teamwork exercises along the way. This morning we conducted rotational tacks to give Youth Crew an idea of what the other watches do, then this afternoon it was a final set of sailsetting and furling drills to make sure they will be able to take responsibility for all the sail handling they will need to do as part of their Youth Crew Challenge Day tomorrow.We had hoped to go to anchor tonight for a bit of rest but with 30 knot winds from the south there is no suitable anchorage nearby so we are under reduced sail loitering in relatively open waters to be in a good position for tomorrow’s challenges.Youth Crew entry:Brenda Grimes aged 19 from Melbourne.Hi everybody, this is so cool. We are all building up our arm muscles everyday and being fed every hour, just about, with huge plates of food. The weather has been really calm till now where it has got a little bit rougher, and some of us are starting to feel it.Thanks Mum and Dad helping me get on this trip, and hi to Laura, Rob, and the dogs. Got to go cause I am on watch at the moment.See you Saturday,BrendaKristy Cassoff aged 23 from Sydney.Oh my goodness, these last four days have been the most amazing adventure. Climbing to the top of a 30 metre mast, learning funnyterminology such as furl and heave, and how fake out and make up have their own meanings when sailing. By far the freakiest aspect of the voyage has been the inability to swim due to the shark infested waters.I’ll be home very shortly as the voyage ends tomorrow but in the meantime hi to Mum and Dad in South Africa (Mum, do they really have nice flowers at the cricket grounds or was that just Dad’s way of getting you to the cricket?), hi to Meag and all my other friends in Canada, everyone at the Administrative Decisions Tribunal and all my other friends at home in Sydney.KristyUntil tomorrow,Cap’n Bob.


33° 31' South / 137° 45'


Course 270 Speed 3 knots. Wind south 30 knots, skies clear, temp 20 degrees.