Captain's Log
12 April 2002

Breathtaking Views

Current situation at 1800: After an evening of climbing, knot tying and breathtaking views we got going early with a special YE wake up. The wind was nowhere to be seen and so we motored to sea looking for some airs, any airs, in which to set some sails. We got lucky later in the day as we had been practicing really hard and there was nothing to fill the sails. The YC did really well in the strong winds that eventually came and they remembered all the calls and did all the right things to ensure that by days’ end we could successfully tack the ship.Everyone is well, and there are remarkably few cases of seasickness. Perhaps they are too busy to let it worry them. The dolphins were on time this evening – they came in droves just before sunset. Tonight we shall head through the Backstairs Passage near Kangaroo Island and plug our way along the coast toward the Victorian border.Stay tuned,Andrew Davis


35° 24' South / 137° 57'


At sea in Gulf of St Vincent. wind southerly at 20 knots, temp 19C