Captain's Log
17 March 2000

Bound for Kangaroo Is

Winds remained light with grey skies most of yesterday which can only be described as dull. Our planned tacking drills were put on hold. A rule of the road (or how to dodge big ships) lecture was presented in the afternoon that was rudely interrupted by a visit from the ‘Village People’ who performed ‘In the Navy’.Later in the afternoon the grey clouds burnt off and a sailable breeze came in from the SE. All squares, along with fore and aft sails were set and the engines shut down. We were not breaking any speed records but it was very nice. After dinner we shut down the generators for some pure silent sailing and held ‘three way talks’ on the upper deck. As usual they were entertaining and we had a few surprises and learnt a little more about this youth crew. We continued sailing overnight towards our anchorage at Robe. Atmidnight we received a weather report forecasting strong NW winds that would provide unsuitable shelter at Robe. As such we changed the plan and are now sailing towards Kangaroo Island having a great sail in freshening winds.Today we will use the wind and conduct a series of tacking drills that will be fun. During morning brief about an hour ago we saw about five or six whales travelling in the opposite direction and we seem to have hourly visits from some very hyper active dolphins. Everything is going well. We’re having a great day.


37° 4' South / 139° 10'


Course 310, Speed 7.5kts, Temp 20, Wind 030/15kts, clear skies fresh breeze - great sailing day.