Captain's Log
13 March 2010


Hi Everyone,Blue Watch have decided to give me a break from writing the Captains Log for tonight by completing it themselves. So please enjoy tonight’s Captains Log compliments of Blue Watch.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain GavBLUE WATCH CAPTAINS LOG VOYAGEAfter waking up to a glass-shattering rendition of “We all spewed in a blue brigitine� (Yellow submarine) by Youth Crews talented Morning (White Watch) Choir we hit the decks of Young Endeavour anchored in Darlington Bay – Maria Island. Ready and raring to go we knuckled down into Happy Hour (HEEEEEEEYYYYYY happy hour!) before trafficking our way to the island to once again set foot on shore.We had some time to ourselves on the island. Some of the crew wandered up to Fossil Cliff whilst others checked out the town itself and had a little history lesson. We met some other tourists and made friends with the locals – the friendliest a goose named Greg.After ferrying back to the ship and another decadent meal courtesy of Chad and up-anchored and hit the wild seas for another day of sailing. Each day seems a little more challenging but amazing just the same. Setting sails and climbing masts the youth crew are now finding themselves taking more and more responsibility for the ship. Luckily the seas are fairly flat and the wind minimal so we haven’t been moving anywhere too fast! We had a tutorial from “Captain Gav” himself to help us on our way.As usual the plan for tonight is a surprise for the youth crew so we’re looking forward to more beautiful weather and sailing as we head south towards Port Arthur for our next Adventure. Hope everyone back home is well and missing us lots!!!Having a CHUNDERIFIC time and hi to all back home from the COOLEST watch of all�BLUE WATCH – (Megan, Roz, Tormey, Phoebe, Georgie, Josh, John, Luke, Dan and our fearless leader Jordo) 


42°48's / 148°3'e


Currently located 27nm to the NE of Tasman Island and experiencing light-moderate NE winds with a 1m SE swell.