Captain's Log
17 February 2008

Blue Watch Captains Log

Ahoy ShipmatesThe wind strengthened from the north east overnight and the YC conducted a well executed ���two watch wear�� (put the stern through the wind) at the watch changeover at midnight. The morning watch experienced fluctuating conditions which resulted in firstly, handing in then resetting numerous sails. By morning brief the wind had again steadied from the north east and given these favourable conditions we again set all sail and made good progress towards the entry to Port Phillip Bay, with our entry programmed for slack water at 1700. During the morning I conducted Captains setting and furling drills followed by demonstrational tacks in the afternoon. Both of these drills were given in preparation for the now fast approaching YC Command Day. At 1705 we set all plain sail and sailed through the ���Rip�� making an impressive entry into Port Phillip Bay. On entering the bay we clewed up the squares and proceeded up the channel to Capel Cove, and our anchorage position just outside of the township of Rye. We anchored just on sunset and following Command Day Brief and Command team elections settled into anchor watches and a good night’s sleep, in preparation for the commencement of tomorrows Command Day. Please find attached Captains Log for this evening from Blue WatchYours AyeCaptain GavSunday – Day 7 The day began quite terribly with Courtney’s Joke of the Day. I will spare you from it. Today we acquired permission from Captain Gav to set the sails by ourselves without having our Watch Leader supervise. This involved setting the Forestay sail and the Topgallant, and was rewarded with Tim Tams. We also did demonstrative tacking of the ship in preparation for Command Day tomorrow, where we will take over control of the ship.The views are fantastic with spectacular sunsets, as well as dolphins and seals swimming by the ship. Other highlights have included riding the Bowsprit of the ship through massive waves and getting completely soaked. On most days we do our best to sleep until we’re hungry, and eat until we’re tired. This is interrupted somewhat by watches, midnight taking of the ship, furling and setting drills, climbing to the top mast, steering the ship, engineering rounds, taking navigational fixes and dealing with the weather.Things have improved greatly from the first couple of days where we learned from Chooker the true meaning of Chunder: noun, originating from the phrase ���Watch under��, yelled from the windows of a ship, when some poor soul was about to vomit.Personal space is a thing of the past, as is leg room in the toilet. We are however being led to Williamstown, Melbourne by our ���Smooth Navigator’ (sung to Smooth Operator) and are currently approaching Port Phillip Bay and the infamous ���Rip’- Blue Watch (Bluey’s are cluey!)P.S. The joke was:There were two muffins in an oven. One muffin said to the other muffin, ���it’s getting hot in here��. The other muffin screamed, ���Ahhh, talking muffin!��Judge for yourselves.From Nick ��� Hello people, having an excellent time, was seasick for a little while but recovered quickly enough (24 hours compared to the 3 days it took some people). I’ll will start missing you in about a months time but since I’ll be back in within 5 days that won’t be necessary. See yaFrom Laura B ��� Hello all. I’m having a brilliant time here. I was seasick early on but am now eating at full capacity once more. We’ve learned heaps and seen some great sights. We spent yesterday at Refuge Cove at Wilson’s Prom which was beautiful. I’m now quite adept at staying in a bed 2 feet wide while the ship is almost on its side, and using the world’s most confined toilets. Look forward to seeing you all, but it’s pretty fantastic out here. Love, Laura xxFrom Jono hello family, I am having heaps of fun here. The sunrise and sunsets are great except for the first couple of days when the weather was miserable. For at least the next week I will most likely be waking up at 12 and 4 am because I am used to getting up at that time. See you in a couple of days. JonoFrom Brendan- hello mother and father having a good time hear a bit angry I missed out on the party hopfully it was good well cya in a cupple of days From Courtney- hey guys lovin it here, missing the hills at home though. Got sea sick 3rd day and that sucked, but didn’t last long. The beds and sleeping places are small and sleeping is not so easy, the showers are small and u hav 2 hang on 2 a handle or you will fall out, but I think the food makes up for it all. Lol. Well I will c u all soon.From Jess ��� Hey mum and Maddy- I am having a good time I didn’t get sea sick I climbed up to the top of the mast, have lots of photos for you take care for now see you in a couple of days bye From Brent – G’day mum&dad&ange&nat ��� all good now and loving it after the seasickness of the first few days. Yesterday at the Prom was awesome. Cya in a couple of daysFrom Kat ��� Lucky Last!! Hi Mum, Dad, everyone at work (I’m glad I’m not there) and all you other people I told to keep an eye on the log! I’m having a ball, taking lots of photos, including taking the Canon up the mast (don’t worry, it made it back down in one piece!) We stopped in at Refuge Bay yesterday and it was so wonderful, except I really do think I’ve got sailors blood in my veins! I was landsick all day until I got back on the ship! I’m missing sleep, not missing food, and can’t wait to be able to have a shower without being in danger of falling out! I will admit though, that I’ll be sad to get off on Thursday.I’ll see you on Saturday arvo, Mum and Dad! But I’d better get going, I may’ve been last, but certainly not least!!xxK


38° 21' South / 144° 49' East


At anchor just of the township of Rye. Currently experiencing moderate north easterly winds.