Captain's Log
3 January 2008


Ahoy Shipmates,Sunrise at Deal Island this morning was spectacular and everyone was on deck at 0630 for Early Morning Activity (EMA). Following breakfast and morning brief it was straight into “Happy Hour” (cleaning stations) followed by the second set of rope races. Late morning saw all three watches proceed aloft (climbed mast) to gain some more climbing experience and to cast loose the gaskets on all three square sails in preparation for sailing. The anchor was weighed at 1100 and Young Endeavour sailed away from her anchorage in East Cove, Deal Island and back out into a very calm Bass Strait. Given the calm conditions during the afternoon the Boats Officer (Jaz the Salty Sea Princess) took the opportunity to present her Rule of the Road lecture which was followed shortly after by my Captain’s Sail Theory lecture. As the rest of the afternoon was free and the weather perfect the YC took the opportunity to climb the mast with their Watch Leader or just sit on deck and enjoy life at sea. During the tonight’s watches the YC will continue to consolidate their newly found sailing and navigation skills as the ship continues to make good ground towards our next anchorage at Twofold Bay.Please find attached Blue Watch Captains Log entryYours AyeCaptain GavBlue Watch Captains LogHey All,It’s Day 4 and most of us have finally gained our sea legs after a brutal trip through the Rip and Bass Strait! We are learning the value of the Sao biscuit and the banana, being bland but wholesome and therefore kinder to the stomach (they stick to the stomach lining and digest quickly for all those future Young Endeavours 😉 )! The last few days sucked due to throwing up (the spew bags are nearly gone)! However, seasickness is (apparently) no excuse for “slacking off” and not hauling on the line or climbing to the top of the mast�After riveting lectures from Brad, Jazz, Gav and Paul, we now have a greater understanding in what’s involved in sailing a ship for example, navigation, rules of the road, and sailing theory, as well as ‘pirattitude’ and learning German – but only enough to read the weather�Yesterday was certainly a day that was warmly welcomed, where we anchored in East Cove on the lovely Deal Island, of the Kent Island Group. The freezing yet crystal clear waters were breathtaking, a sight few others will ever encounter.Whilst onboard we have taken over almost all facets of shipboard life such as hand washing clothes, daily ‘happy hour’ cleaning, preparing food and washing dishes. Not to mention checking the engine room regularly, practising the raising and lowering of the sails, conducting general navigation checks and ship checks, whilst driving the ship�and its only day 4.Whilst on watch today a shark was spotted only twenty yards away from the ship, we were all very excited, while day 2 saw us spot a few dolphins racing alongside us.With morale looking up and sunny skies, albeit less wind than we would like, the voyage to Sydney should be a very enjoyable one.See you soon!Blue WatchTom, Sarah H, Nikola, Naomi, Mitch, Matt, Laura, Daffy and Bec H


38°55's / 148°4'e


Currently in Bass Strait experiencing light south easterly winds with a 1-1.5m swell.