Captain's Log
16 December 2000

Blue Bottles

We had a well-earned rest overnight at Twofold Bay. At 0600 this morning we woke and got underway, motorsailing up the coast. The predicted headwinds didn’t eventuate so we are making great time. I gave a Sail Theory lecture that was interrupted by a wayward band of Hare Krishnas. The legendary Brother Nutsie arrived to summon the winds by proving, once again, the Great One can levitate. We stopped for a swim off Montague Island, then did some demonstrational tacks so the Youth Crew have a better appreciation of how to do it on their Command Day on Monday. Tonight we will pass by Jervis Bay and reach the Sydney area (somewhere secret) by Sunday night.Youth Crew entry by the 12 berth: It’s day 5 or day 6 ��� who knows and who really cares. The girls have dominated the log to date ��� until now. So you wanna hear some news from the boyz in the 12 berth? No, its doesn’t smell cause we’re hangin out the towels and Chris is making sure those mushroom vents stay open.Last night we anchored at Eden ��� or more accurately ��� trespassed. You see, some locals actually OWN the beach at Two Fold Bay. But they couldn’t stop us from having fun, and we did manage to get back on board before the fuzz showed.After being amazed by the dubious powers of Brother Nutsie, we are now hopeful of more wind for Command Day. Today’s open water swim was cut short by an armada of blue bottles, but don’t worry, apart from a few deflated egos we’ve all recovered from the stings. Seriously now, it’s been an awesome trip and we’re having a great time. The ship’s children ��� or ���staff’ are keeping us educated, amused and well fed. Today’s most enlightening lesson was regarding Pete’s Sliding Spew Scale. What’s more, we’ve produced 7,000 wallets for export ��� a Young Endeavour record.G’day to all our families and freinds. From the saltiest seadogs barPauly – The BoyzPS Mum ��� send more money!(The above information may deviate from the truth in varying degrees)Speak tomorrowAndrew Davis


35° 45' South / 150° 24'


Current situation at 1800: At sea off Bateman's Bay. Temp 22C, Wind - light nor'easterly.