Captain's Log
6 December 2000

Blowing a Hooley!

Command Day ended this morning after the YC successfully sailed the ship to an anchorage – and they made the passage here totally without the use of engines. Well done, team. Only a couple of tacks were required overnight, so we weren’t feeling all that tired this morning. The Beach Assault Team (BAT) went ashore to the nearest beach and achieved a Young Endeavour record – getting 36 people to sing the national anthem with them. Of course they raided a church hall in order to get so many people, but that is beside the point.In the afternoon we had a siesta and the wind started blowing a hooley (a local word meaning very strong wind). We weighed anchor (because it was dragging) and sought refuge alongside a wharf. The ensuing Command Day debrief was very good with a lot of good learning points identified and some hilarious events remembered. Tomorrow we take a group of disadvantaged Australians to sea for a few hours and the YC will be acting as their hosts.Youth Crew Entry by Megan Terry and Amanda Geard, 17 both from Tassie.Amanda: How was your last full day of the voyage?Megan: I just can’t believe it’s the last day! Today we took some people from the Burnie area out for a half-day sail. It was really great to show these people what we’d learned in the past 9 days. It felt great because we made someone else’s day memorable as well. So Amanda what did you do after the half day sail?Amanda: We debriefed, then made our way to the top of the sails (for the second last time), and harbour furled them for docking tomorrow. White watch’s looked the best – because as Donnie says: …as long as you look good doing it! What’s the plan for tonight?Megan: Tonight we are up for a laugh because each watch will be doing a skit as well as the staff. Red watch is sooooo organised so the others should be prepared to go down, especially white watch Amanda!Amanda: Yeah yeah, we’ll see, Megan. After that we’re hoping to have a bit of a party (all nighter!) to cap off a great voyage!!!!! Speak tomorrowAndrew Davis


41° 4' South / 145° 56'


Current Situation at 1800: At anchor, Emu Bay, Burnie. Temp - cold. Atmospheric conditions - very windy.