Captain's Log
19 June 2000

Bleak weather in Gladstone

The Wallabies won on Saturday, so despite the rather bleak Gladstone weather, it was an excellent weekend. We finally got all the youth crew onboard by 1630 this afternoon and following some quick introductions, we got underway at 1650. As the ship motored to its anchorage within the harbour the YC started some ‘icebreaker’ activities. The ship anchored at 1745 and the YC are now about to start dinner. Later this evening I will have a chat to them all about the voyage and what to expect and then it will be time for their first climb. They will all then get a second chance to climb within their watch groups during the night.Tomorrow will be a busy day with a lot to learn. By late afternoon I expect we will be under full sail heading north towards Mackay (and hopefully some sunshine).Chat tomorrowAndrew


23° 50' South / 151° 19'


Wind SE 10kts, Temp 18, rain