Captain's Log
19 March 2007

Bland Bay

After a long but productive evening conducting sail setting and furling, climbing the foremast, rounds, helming and various other watch duties the Crew of Young endeavour awoke to the dulcet tones of Blue Watch singing wakey wakey at 0700. During the evening the wind had died to a mere 10kts. At 0820 the decision was made to hand in sail and start engines for the final approach to the Bland Bay anchorage. Bland Bay is about 12nm south of Cape Brett at the far eastern end of the Bay of Islands.On comming to anchor it was time for the first of the all singing all dancing morning briefs, including the first of many appearances of Nanna Diesel! After Happy Hour and Lunch it was time to head ashore for some beach games and a wander to stretch the legs. The sailing guide used to decide upon this anchorage is quoted as describing Bland Bay as ‘…just another of those beautiful long golden Northland beaches.’ Not quite, but the locals were friendly.After a nice break ashore 3 way talks were conducted – this is a public speaking exercise where a member from each watch is teamed up with a memeber from one each of the other watches and they have to speak as if they were one of the other two people in their group. It was a lot of fun with the talks being finished off by charades of their favourite movie.Once back aboard Young Endeavour the ships BBQ was put through its paces by the specialist BBQ cook, Horto the engineer! AWESOME!!!Until tomorrow…I. HIBBARDLEUT, RANVoyage Captain


35° 20' South / 174° 23' East


SW'ly wind 10kts, partly cloudy sky, nil swell