Captain's Log
19 September 2009

Bigge Island

Hi Everyone, By morning brief this morning we were only 25nm to the east of Bigge Island, still motor sailing due to lack of wind. At 0900 we retarded clocks 1.5 hours to time zone hotel (WA time) which gave us some extra time to complete morning activities prior to proceeding to anchor. With these activities complete Young Endeavour entered Wary Bay, which is located on the north western side of Bigge Island and came to anchor at 1045. Following an early lunch the Youth Crew were ferried ashore where they were given the opportunity to view historic Aboriginal cave paintings and explore this very remote and picturesque Island. Also whilst ashore the Watch Leaders took the opportunity to sit down with their watches and conduct mid voyage talks, which was followed by some very competitive beach sports (Staffies won the dodge ball). By mid afternoon everyone was back onboard and after a short period of ���down time’ the anchor was weighed and Young Endeavour departed Bigge Island. Overnight the watches will conduct the ���Apples & Onions’ exercise (communication exercise) followed by the BEAREX (initiative and teamwork exercise). Whilst these activities are being completed the ship will continue to make ground to our next anchorage which will be at Yampi Sound.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav


14° 38' South / 124° 56' East


Have just entered the Bonaparte Archipelago and are experiencing moderate 10-15kt SW winds with a 1m swell.