Captain's Log
10 February 2000

Berthed at Devonport Navy Base

Yesterday afternoon all crew proceeded ashore for a zany sports afternoon. This was followed by the Command Day debrief that was very thought provoking. Both good and bad points wereraised which made it more meaningful. As some say, there is no gain without pain.In the evening an excellent concert was held on the upper deck that provided a few really good belly laughes.Following an early morning upper deck scrub, anchor was weighed at 0810 and the ship motored into Auckland Harbour. As the ship berthed at 1000, the youth crew manned the yards and in joyful strains sang the national anthem with gusto. They would make a lousy choir but were a great youth crew. Shortly afterwards it was my pleasure to award voyage certificates to the youth crew and thank our Kiwi friends from the Spirit of New Zealand, Peters Kiwi 1 and Kiwi 2 who were both a great help to us during the voyage. I awarded the Order of Australia Emblem to Becca Willis for her outstanding efforts.This voyage was very special with the Auckland Day Regatta, sailing with Spirit of New Zealand, being part of Waitangi Day celebrations and cruising some of the worlds most beautiful waters. The calibre and spirit of Youth Crew 03/00 added to that.


36° 50' South / 174° 47'


Wind 220/20kts, Temp 21, overcast