Captain's Log
9 June 2002

Beautiful Queensland

We made it to North Stradbroke Island after the YC proved themselves by safely and competently setting and furling the sails in preparation for Command Day. We went ashore for some sport on thebeach near Point Lookout and returned on board in the evening for a great meal and Command Day elections.Youth Crew entries: Jacqui Choppin, Wollongong, age 20.I’ve been having the best adventure. The otherday I climbed to the top of the yards to sea furl (tie the sails up)in the roaring wind and the dark – a real challenge. Luckily the weather calmed down and we had a lovelly day today:) The sun was shining and the view was much nicer from the masts looking over beautiful Sradbroke Island. Hello to my fan club reading this, loveyou all.Jo Street, Caloundra, age 22.Sorry, no they haven’t thrown me overboard yet and I haven’t been seasick. Our group started off the day with a 4am shift on watch. It was worth it thanks to a beautiful sunrise off the Gold Coast and finally some calm weather. We got to relax this afternoon with a swim and a chocolate fix at Stradbroke. We are all looking forward tocommand day tomorrow it will be a real test of our sailing skills and should be alot of fun. G’day to all my family and everyone on FraserIsland, see you soon.Emma Byrne, Albury. age 20After a very shakey start to my voyage on the Young Endeavour, being the first person to cop the dreaded sea sickness even though i took sea sickness tablets befor leaving, luckily it only lasted 2 days. As we sailed into Stradbroke Island i climbed the mast and witnesed the best view of the beautiful island. While there we had ashort time to get our land legs back and played a few games on the sandy beach. Having a blast and enjoying every moment. Hi to everyone back at home. Stay tuned,Andrew R. Davis


27° 25' South / 153° 31'


Current situation at 1800: At anchor off North Stradbroke Island, near Point Lookout, wind - nil, temp 25C, beautiful Queensland day.